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Take a look at this particularly nvartolomei/dotfiles@c10058f

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Woah, neat!


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Woah, neat!

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Self pull (#1)
* README: Tweak Git-free install command

* bin: Update `subl` symlink to `Sublime Text 3.app`

* .osx: Add Spotlight settings

Closes #91 and #174.

* .bash_profile: Remove ‘autocomplete Grunt commands’

Closes #224.

* .brew: Install PHP 5.5

* .gitattributes: Disable normalizing line endings globally

Instead of removing `~/.gitattributes` completely, I decided to just comment out the `* text=auto` line. This makes it easier to temporarily re-enable the setting should I ever want to.

Closes #149.

* .curlrc: Disguise as IE 9 on Windows 7

This matches the `.wgetrc` settings.

* .aliases: Add `timer`

`timer` can be used as a stopwatch.

Hat tip: https://twitter.com/tow8ie/status/360077953238962176

* .gitconfig: Improve display of astral Unicode symbols in diffs

Thanks to @holman for the tip: https://speakerdeck.com/holman/more-git-and-github-secrets?slide=38

* .osx: Add GPGMail 2 settings


* .osx: Disable the sound effects on boot

* .aliases: Add `-F` to `ls` aliases

Don’t do this for the default `ls`, though.

Closes #234.

* bin: Point `subl` to the default ST3 location

Sublime Text 3 does not use the `/Application/Sublime Text 3.app` folder by default. It uses `/Application/Sublime Text.app`.

Closes #232.

* .gitconfig: Remove global remote branch

This causes duplicate remotes to be created, potentially leading Git to throw errors when `push`ing.

Closes #215.

* .aliases: Add `chromekill` to kill all Chrome tabs to free up memory

Useful when you have a lot of tabs open (which I always do), but you don’t want to close them.

Tabs in Chrome are just processes, so we just filter out the ones we want, and kill them.

Closes #236.

* .osx: `~/.CFUserTextEncoding` can break several Adobe apps

Ref. #237.

* .gitconfig: Add comment about `color.ui` in Git ≥ 1.8.4

Ref. #239.

* .gitconfig: Add note about whitespace defaults

Closes #256.

* .functions: Add `m` to open stuff in TextMate

Closes #253.

* .functions: Add `s` to open stuff in Sublime Text

Closes #252.

* .functions: Add `v` to open stuff in Vim

Closes #251.

* .bash_profile: Make sure only files get sourced

Closes #250.

* .functions: Add `o` to `open` stuff

Closes #245.

* Add `np` function to ease publishing node modules

I use this to ease the publishing of npm modules. `np`, done ;)

np = npm publish (and, `no problem`, (and `nutella party`))

Closes #261.

* .osx: Remove “Enable access for assistive devices”

This feature doesn’t work anymore in OS X 10.9 Mavericks. The setting has moved to System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Accessibility, where you now have to check every app you want to allow access rather than enabling it globally.

Closes #262.

* .osx: Use plain text smileys in Messages

Messages in OS X 10.9 Mavericks automatically substitutes e.g. `:)` with `😊`, with no way to disable this feature through the app’s preferences pane.

After analyzing the `defaults read` output it turns out there is a hidden preference for it.

* .osx: Consistently specify the type for `dict-add` actions

* .functions: Add `tre` shorthand

Closes #249.

* .osx: Disable smart quotes in Messages.app

* .osx: Disable continuous spell checking in Messages.app

* .brew: Move casks to their own file

* .osx: Add threaded email display settings for Mail.app

* .osx: Remove old iTunes commands

They only applied to iTunes 10 and older anyway.

* .osx: Make coding style more consistent

* .osx: Disable inline attachments in Mail

Thanks to Christophe Platteeuw via Twitter: https://twitter.com/cplatteeuw/status/393465401310318592

* .osx: Disable automatic spell checking in Mail.app

* .osx: Stop iTunes from responding to the keyboard media keys

Commented out, as I actually use these keys.

Closes #265.

* .osx: Suppress error messages when running `~/.osx` twice

Closes #266.

* .aliases: Improve `ips`

Ref. #268 and #269.

* Make `.cask` executable

* .osx: Minimize windows into their application’s icon

Closes #271.

* init: Add iTerm colors

Closes #274.

* init: Install Sublime Text settings

Closes #275.

* .osx: Rename computer name

* .aliases: Lowercase `projects` dir

* .osx: Don’t prompt when quitting iTerm

* README: Update link to Lauri Ranta’s resources

* .osx: Add SSD-specific tweaks

Source: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1505922

* .osx: Remove broken three-finger swipe commands

If anyone knows how to make this work, please let me or @necolas know!

Ref. #171.

* .osx: Don’t `kill` Dashboard

`killall Dashboard` doesn’t actually do anything. To apply the changes for Dashboard, `killall Dock` is enough as Dock is Dashboard’s parent process.

Closes #277.

* .aliases: Add `afk` to lock the screen

Closes #258.

* README: Document the `.cask` file

Closes #280.

* .osx: Disable smart quotes and dashes

* .aliases: Add `reload`

`reload` invokes the shell as a login shell, which essentially reloads it.

Closes #247.

* .aliases: Update RubyGems before updating installed gems

Closes #282.

* .aliases: Add `npme`

`npme` is like `npm` except it uses a registry located in Europe, causing it to be much faster for Europeans. See <http://npmjs.eu/> for more information.

Closes #284.

* Use `Brewfile` now that Homebrew supports it


* .gitconfig: Make `git rebase` safer on OS X

See <http://www.git-tower.com/blog/make-git-rebase-safe-on-osx/>.

Closes #291.

* .aliases: Improve `lsd`

Ref. #292.

* README: Use `Brewfile` instead of `.brew`

Closes #294.

* .osx: Hide Safari’s sidebar in Top Sites by default

Closes #296.

* .gitconfig: Add aliases to find branches/tags/commits

Closes #304.

* bin: Make `httpcompression` prevent caching

In some cases, intermediate proxies ignore the `Content-Encoding` header

Sending `Cache-Control no-cache` as a request header solves this problem
by forcing validation of the resources in the intermediate proxies,
thereby, ensuring that every request is fetched from the origin server.

Ref. alrra/dotfiles#2. Closes #308.

* init: Fix typo in Sublime Text settings

* .osx: Hide some menu bar icons in OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Kudos to @kevinSuttle for finding the appropriate `plist` file!
mathiasbynens#305 (comment)

Ref. #305.

* .osx: Delete some old commands that no longer work

These commands only work on outdated versions of OS X.

Ref. #305.

* .gitconfig: Add `dm` alias

`git dm` deletes local branches that have been merged with master.

Closes #309.

* init: Tweak Sublime Text settings

* .osx: Add Activity Monitor settings

* .osx: Add Finder ‘Get Info’ settings

* .osx: Display Bluetooth icon in menu bar

* README: Credit @kevinSuttle

* .osx: Set Desktop as the default location for new Finder windows

Closes #285.

* .aliases: Add `jsc` alias

Useful for testing code in JavaScriptCore.

Hat tip: https://twitter.com/RussB/status/420409644117262336 (via @rauschma)

* .functions: Make `np` remove `node_modules`

This lets you catch cases where you forgot to add a dependency to `package.json`.

Closes #321.

* .osx: Support multiple `systemuiserver` pref files

Closes #319.

* Brewfile: Install `p7zip` (i.e. `7z` etc.)

* .osx: Kill `cfprefsd` after changing preferences

As of OS X 10.9 this is necessary to make sure the changes persist.

Closes #330.

* Brewfile: Install ImageMagick with WebP support

* .vimrc: Explicitly use the Molokai theme

* Brewfile: install `moreutils`, if only for `sponge`

Hat tip: @chastell / http://talks.chastell.net/kodio-2014/#/21

* Brewfile: install `pv` (pipe viewer)

Hat tip: @chastell / http://talks.chastell.net/kodio-2014/#/39

* .osx: Make Dock more transparent

Closes #346.

* Brewfile: explicitly list non-default taps

* .functions: Add `a` alias for `atom`

Closes #349.

* .osx: Remove old keyboard illumination settings

These commands don’t have any effect anymore in OS X 10.9.

Closes #327.

* .gitconfig: Explicitly disable `indent-with-non-tab`

Don’t use `indent-with-non-tab`. This config flag is PERNICIOUS. If turned on, Git won’t tell you that you indented your code incorrectly. Instead, when it is pushing your changes to your remote repo, Git will silently convert any consecutive 8-space strings it sees into tab characters. This can be highly undesirable, especially if you collaborate with a team that expects the code to be indented using spaces instead of tabs.

At the very least, the comment above this line should very clearly explain the fact that `indent-with-non-tab` does more than advertised in the `git-config man page (https://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git-config.html).

Closes #351.

* .osx: Add missing value

In order to properly overwrite the `key` of a `domain`, `defaults` needs to be provided with a valid `value` for the `key`:

    `defaults write <domain> <key> <value>`

Closes #350.

* .cask: Add Opera, Opera Developer and Opera Next

Closes #348.

* .osx: Allow installing Chrome user scripts via GitHub Gist or Userscripts.org

* .osx: Change minimize/maximize window effect

By default, OS X Mavericks uses the annoying `genie` effect whenever windows are minimized/maximized. This commit changes that preference and makes OS X use the more tolerable `scale` effect.

Closes #355. Ref. #270.

* .osx: Remove “disable opening and closing window animations”

Sadly, this doesn’t work anymore in OS X 10.9.

Closes #270.

* .osx: Comment computer name settings

It’s good to have these commands here as a reference, but it’s annoying when running `.osx` on multiple computers in the same network.

* .exports: Explicitly use UTF-8 even for `LANG`

* .osx: Add ExpandedStateFor* variants for OS X 10.9

Closes #361.

* .aliases: Use `en0` for `localip`

* .osx: Update iOS Simulator symlink

* Install casks via Caskfile

`brew bundle` can now be used for casks as well.

Closes #365.

* Brewfile: Install GNU `sed`

* Brewfile: Install some more useful tools

* .functions: Make `gi` accept any number of arguments

Closes #367.

* Brewfile: Install `xpdf`, if only for `pdfinfo`

* .osx: Don’t reset the desktop wallpaper when resetting Launchpad

Files like `530142A0-6AEC-4921-A3A7-7C2B72FFF6E3.db` and `desktoppicture.db` exist in `~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock`, so let’s add a `-` with a wildcard `*` to both sides to ensure we don’t delete `desktoppicture.db` and reset the desktop wallpaper.

Closes #370.

* Brewfile: Install `ucspi-tcp`, if only for `tcpserver`

* Brewfile: Install PHP 5.5 with GMP support

* .osx: Don’t show hidden files by default

Most of the time I don’t need it, and when I do, I can temporarily enable it using the `show` alias, and revert it using the `hide` alias.

* Brewfile: Fix PHP 5.5 installation

Thanks to @interputed for the heads up: mathiasbynens@a76db30#commitcomment-6200104

* Caskfile: Move `phinze/cask` to `caskroom/cask`

Homebrew Cask has been moved to https://github.com/caskroom/homebrew-cask.

Closes #375.

* .gitconfig: Make sure `go` never overrides branches

Closes #357. Thanks to @yukideluxe!

* Brewfile: Install `hashpump`

* .bash_prompt: Speed up the Git commands for the prompt

Fixes #227 and closes #380.

* .bash_profile: Enable tab completion for `git` and `g`

Closes #197.

* Brewfile: add instructions on how to change the default shell to Bash 4

* Brewfile: Install Node with npm

Ref. Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#28075. Closes #362.

* bootstrap.sh: Make `rsync` output numbers in a human-readable format

Closes #383.

* Brewfile: Install BFG Repo-Cleaner

* .curlrc: Set connection timeout to 60 seconds

This matches the setting in `.wgetrc`.

* Remove some things that I don’t use

This commit drops some aliases, functions, and settings from the project that I wasn’t using at all. It also cleans up some of the remaining code.

* Caskfile: Update Tor formula name

Closes #388.

* .gitconfig: Improve configuration

Closes #366.

* .osx: Add (commented-out) instructions on how to set the wallpaper

Closes #356.

* .osx: Only install custom Terminal profile once

Closes #336 and #337.

* .screenrc: Add some more settings

Closes #334.

* .osx: Disable the Launchpad gesture

Closes #316.

* Brewfile: Install a more recent version of `screen`

Closes #295.

* .bash_profile: Enable Bash completion if `/etc/bash_completion` exists too

This is useful on Linux.

Ref. #278.

* Update Bash prompt to match the Solarized theme

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/EkEtphC.png

* Enable Solarized Dark theme in Vim

* .gitconfig: Remove `push.default`

This was causing issues on servers that don’t have an up-to-date Git installation. As a workaround, I decided to remove this from `.gitconfig` and add this to `~/.extra` for my laptop only:

    git config --global push.default simple

* .gitconfig: Tweak `diff` colors

* init: Use the Solarized Dark theme in Sublime Text

* .gitconfig: Add default Git `push.default` config

Use the backwards-compatible `matching` setting by default. On machines with newer Git installations, it avoids the annoying Git warning, and it can be overriden to use `simple` instead in `~/.extra`.

Closes #400.

* Add `.editorconfig`

See <http://editorconfig.org/>.

* .bash_prompt: Avoid double-escaping ANSI codes

Fixes #399 and closes #402.

* .bash_prompt: Add back escape sequences

Fixes #403.

* .bash_prompt: Interpret escape sequences correctly in all cases

Closes #407.

* .vimrc: Avoid creating backups when editing files in `/tmp`

See http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Editing_crontab.

* .aliases: Remove the now-broken `whois` alias

Closes #397.

* .osx: Use `sudo` for `systemsetup`

Closes #415.

* .osx: Disable the all-too-sensitive backswipe on Chrome

Closes #416.

* Update URLs

* .vimrc: Treat `.md` files as Markdown

`filetype` is set implicitly, without using setfiletype, because `*.md` is already associated with Modula-2 files and `setfiletype` doesn’t allow `filetype` to be set twice.

`setlocal` is used to apply a new `filetype` value for each Markdown file as it is being added to the buffer.

Fixes #418. Closes #419.

* .functions: Add SNI support in `getcertnames`

* Update URLs

* .functions: Improve `getcertnames`

* .gitconfig: Add alias to merge GitHub pull request

Ref. https://help.github.com/articles/checking-out-pull-requests-locally

Closes #422.

* Brewfile: add some CTF tools

See https://github.com/ctfs/write-ups for more info.

* Brewfile: add binutils and cifer

* .osx: Disable transparency in the menu bar and elsewhere on Yosemite

* .osx: Remove a few commands that no longer have any effect in Yosemite

Closes #436.

* .osx: Use the system-native print preview dialog in Chrome

Closes #434.

* .aliases: Update `npm` the right way

`npm install npm -g` is the new recommended way to update npm as specified in the npm-faq at https://github.com/npm/npm/blob/master/doc/misc/npm-faq.md.

Closes #423.

* .osx: Don’t send Safari search queries to Apple

* .osx: Make Yosemite Safari more useful

* Use `brew.sh` instead of `Brewfile`

Also, remove `Caskfile` since I didn’t use it.

Closes #428.

* .bash_profile: Support multiple hosts in SSH completion

Useful in cases such as:


Host vm1 vm2 vm3 vm4
     Host localhost
     # ...

Simply adding a `-` to `tr` fixes this.

Closes #437.

* .vimrc: Enable `g:solarized_termtrans`

It improves the display in OS X Terminal.app.


Ref. #425.

* brew.sh: Use `--with-iri` for `wget`

The older `--enable-iri` flag is deprecated.

Closes #445.

* .exports: Remove `export HOMEBREW_CASK_OPTS`

It’s not needed anymore now that the `Caskfile` has been removed.

Closes #446.

* .aliases: Remove npmjs.eu reference

See the deprecation notice: http://npmjs.eu/

Closes #448.

* .functions: Make `mkd` `cd` into the last directory in the list

…rather than the first.

Closes #447 and #450.

* brew.sh: Install Lua the new way

Closes #453.

* .osx: Update `iOS Simulator.app` path

The iOS Simulator app has been moved.

Closes #452.

* brew.sh: Update `gnu-sed` option

Closes #454.

* .osx: Disable Spotlight suggestions from Safari

Safari has a “Spotlight Suggestions” setting that, if left enabled, will send a copy of all search queries to Apple.

Closes #455.

* .osx: Add Yosemite’s search results for Spotlight

Yosemite introduces new Spotlight search results, and if you don’t add it to `defaults write com.apple.spotlight orderedItems` it will be removed from the System Preferences → Spotlight → Search Results` list with no way to re-enable them through the System Preferences panel.

Closes #456.

* Add .gdbinit

* .osx: Fix comment for menu bar items

Closes #459.

* .osx: Use `-array` instead of `-array ""`

Ref. #350.

* .osx: Remove “increase window resize speed”

Sadly, this doesn’t work anymore in OS X 10.10.

* README: Tweak `~/.path` example

* brew.sh: Install speedtest_cli

Hat tip: @bramushttps://www.bram.us/2014/12/17/speedtest-cli/

* .osx: Kill apps with `-HUP` to make sure they restart

Note that a full system restart is needed after running `.osx` anyhow, but this small change improves the situation for those who don’t do that.

Closes #469.

* .osx: Revert to plain `killall` without `-HUP`

This reverts commit 07cd263.

Ref. #469.

* .gitconfig: Prevent showing files whose names contain non-ASCII symbols as unversioned


Closes #460.

* brew.sh: Fix copy-paste typo

Closes #472.

* .osx: Add back the “increase window resize speed” hack

It didn’t work in OS X 10.10 anymore, but it seems OS X 10.10.1 does support it.

Ref. 4471e27.

* .curlrc: Remove `max-time`

Don’t globally timeout cURL operations without knowing the size of the files being downloaded. Hat tip: @necolas.

* .exports: Set `HISTCONTROL`

Omit duplicates and commands that begin with a space from history.

* .curlrc: Add back `connect-timeout`

This was removed by mistake in 216a633. Thanks to @alrra for spotting it!

* brew.sh: Install `openssh`

This includes a more up-to-date `ssh` binary.

* brew.sh: Install font tools

Thanks to @bramstein for creating these formulae!

* bin: Point Bash symlink to `/usr/local/opt/bash/bin/bash`

This is a link to whatever happens to be both in-the-cellar and linked.

Ref. mathiasbynens#479 (comment). Fixes #479.

* .gitconfig: Add `retag`

* bin: Update and improve `httpcompression`

Simplify and improve the `httpcompression` script while also modifying it so that it accepts multiple URLs and checks if `cURL` is installed.

Closes #491.

* .osx: Fix code that sets the custom terminal theme

Fix the `.osx` script so that it correctly sets the custom terminal theme, and the change will be persistent.

Closes #492.

* Install io.js & add aliases to switch to io/node

* Install `io.js`.

* Add aliases to easily switch between `io.js` and `Node.js`.

* README: Fix @alrra’s name

Closes #495.

* .osx: Add Spectacle.app settings

Fixes #507.

* .osx: Disable swipe navigation in Chrome for mouse users

Closes #508.

* brew.sh: Add `ssh-copy-id`

`ssh-copy-id` allows one to easily set up passwordless SSH connections on a new machine. It does this by copying over your pubic key and setting the correct permissions.

It becomes as simple as `ssh-copy-id user@hostname.example.com`. Probably safer than using manual or scripted methods.

Ref. http://askubuntu.com/a/4833/42234.

Closes #510.

* .aliases: Remove `use-iojs` and `use-node` in favor of nvm


* brew.sh: Add aircrack-ng

* .gvimrc: Don’t blink cursor in normal mode

Closes #43 and #473.

* .osx: Expand print dialog in Chrome & Opera by default

mathiasbynens#434 (comment)

* brew.sh: Install git-lfs


* brew.sh: Use bash-completion2 for improved Bash 4 completion

Hat tip: @elyscape in mathiasbynens@91be10d#commitcomment-10654929.

* .osx: Update Spectacle.app keyboard shortcuts

* brew.sh: Install netpbm

* Add `--all` to `brew upgrade`

Homebrew recently started to hint that everyone should update their workflows for `brew upgrade`:

> brew upgrade with no arguments will change behaviour soon! It currently upgrades all formula but this will soon change to require `--all`. Please update any workflows, documentation and scripts!


Closes #531.

* .exports: Enable persistent REPL history for `node`

This works as of io.js v2.0.0.


* .gitconfig: Add `push.followTags`

Thanks to @sindresorhus: https://twitter.com/sindresorhus/status/596347008975241216

* .osx: Fix `/private` path

Closes #529.

* brew.sh: Add `dark-mode`

For toggling Dark Mode from the command-line.


Closes #545.

* .gitconfig: Use `hexdump` to diff binary files

* README: Add warning

Closes #530, #575, and #576.

* .aliases: Make `emptytrash` clear download history too

See https://mths.be/bum for more details. Thanks to @nvartolomei for the suggestion in #177.

* .exports: Add missing `export` commands

Closes #585.

* .osx: Remove “enable text selection in Quick Look”

As of OS X 10.11, it no longer has any effect.

Closes #580.

* .exports: Update Node environment variables

Thanks to @alrra for the heads up in mathiasbynens@9d30bd6#commitcomment-13835031.

* .osx: Simplify `killall` redirection

`&>` is the same as `2>&1`.

Closes #589.

* .osx: Fix typo

Fixes #592.

* .aliases: Enable colored `grep` output

Note that `GREP_OPTIONS=--color=auto` is deprecated in GNU `grep`.

Closes #467 and #590.

* .osx: Stop iTunes from automatically syncing connected devices

Closes #593.

* .osx: Don’t enable “secure empty trash”

This feature has been removed, sadly, so enabling has no effect anymore.


Closes #596.

* .exports: Add `PYTHONIOENCODING`


* .osx: Remove non-functional iTunes setting

Ref. mathiasbynens@cd88be0#commitcomment-14145185. Thanks to @chdiza!

* .osx: Bypass t.co URLs in Tweetbot

Hat tip: https://twitter.com/dermdaly/status/664065150329163777

* .bash_prompt: Improve escape sequences

Closes #598. See mathiasbynens#598 (comment).

* .osx: Show only open applications in the Dock

Closes #604.

* .gitconfig: Improve `mpr` command

Change the `mpr` command so that it merges the specified pull request into the current branch¹, or if a branch name is specified², into the specified branch.

¹ git mpr <number>
² git mpr <number> <branch_name>

Closes #607.

* .osx: Disable the over-the-top focus ring animation

See http://arstechnica.com/apple/2014/10/os-x-10-10/5/ for an example.

Closes #511.

* bin: Add Brotli and LZMA to `httpcompression`

Closes #613.

* .osx: Prevent Photos from opening automatically

Closes #608.

* .osx: Update Simulator paths for El Capitan

Closes #616.

* brew.sh: Upgrade to PHP 5.6 (from 5.5)

PHP 5.5 caused a segmentation fault when trying to run `arc`, the `anarcist` command.

Ref. https://stackoverflow.com/a/33512066/96656.

Closes #617.

* brew.sh: Add `testssl`


* .functions: Improve `fs`

Accept file names with a dash without interpreting them as a command-line flag. Found by running `shellcheck`.

Closes #565.

* .osx: Show the `/Volumes` folder

Closes #621.

* .bash_prompt: Improve title

This will set the title of the current terminal tab to the name of the folder you are in rather than the whole path.

Closes #623.

* .bash_prompt: Improve terminal title

Closes #625.

* bin: Remove `httpcompression`

@alrra maintains it now. Hopefully it can be moved to its own repository and installed through npm/brew soon.

See alrra/dotfiles#18.

* .osx: Remove duplicate `disablelocal` setting

This setting is already set under the “Time Machine” section.

Closes #631.

* .gitconfig: Sign commits using GPG

* brew.sh: Install vbindiff

Probably the best binary diff tool out there.

* brew.sh: Remove useless use of `sudo`

Thanks to @jonnybarnes for spotting this.

Closes #647.

* .bash_profile: Redirect all `which brew` output

On RHEL6, `which brew` prints `/usr/bin/which: no brew in …` to stderr. Changing `> /dev/null` to `&>/dev/null` redirects both stdout and stderr to `/dev/null`, silencing the check completely.

Closes #650.

* .functions: Update `gitio` to use HTTPS

Looks like git.io recently enabled HTTPS. Because they’re now redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS the old script stopped working.

Thanks to @sixertoy for spotting this: mathiasbynens@4f48f25#commitcomment-17317282

* Enable GitHub highlighting for Bash files

Closes #662.

* .brew.sh: Automate switch to brew-installed Bash

Closes #658.

* .osx: Fix ⌘ + Enter shortcut in Mail.app

Removing `-string` and just passing the unescaped string value of the shortcut as a second param seems to solve the problem.

Closes #603 and #661.

* .functions: Add file size output to `targz`

Closes #670.

* Rename .osx to .macos

Apple renamed OS X to macOS, so this repository must follow.

* .macos: Add some more Transmission options

* Do not prompt for download confirmation on magnet links.
* Activate the IP block list.

Closes #679.

* .macos: Enable Secure Keyboard Entry in Terminal.app

Closes #685.

* .macos: Make Safari config more robust/secure

Closes #684.

* .macos: Auto-play videos when opened with QuickTime Player

Closes #683.

* .macos: Extend Mac App Store configuration

Closes #681.

* .macos: Remove `AllowBypassOfAutocompleteOff`

This setting is ignored by Safari 7.0.3+.

See https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6036813?start=0&tstart=0.

Thanks to @chdiza for pointing this out! mathiasbynens@4a4cdea#commitcomment-18177720

* .macos: Fix the keyboard repeat rate command

Closes #687.

MikeGoldsmith added a commit to MikeGoldsmith/dotfiles that referenced this issue Sep 28, 2016

gcallaghan added a commit to gcallaghan/dotfiles that referenced this issue Jan 6, 2017

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