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“Use black and white menu bar icons” setting for Dropbox #90

mathiasbynens opened this Issue · 3 comments

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As I do this for every new install, I’d like to enable the “Use black and white menu bar icons” Dropbox setting programatically (from within.osx, perhaps).

Sadly, rather than using a .plist file, Dropbox seems to store this setting in ~/.dropbox/config.dbx, which is an encrypted SQLite database.

Filing this issue in case there’s a workaround that’s not too complex.


I've found a workaround that is working at least for me. It's a replacing of the resource icons. I suppose it'll have effect until next application update in which Dropbox may restore resource images back.

for p in ~/Applications/*-lep.tiff; do cp $p ${p%-lep.tiff}.tiff; done

Nice find! I have Dropbox installed under /Applications instead of ~/Applications, but with that small change your script works flawlessly.

for p in /Applications/*-lep.tiff; do echo cp $p ${p%-lep.tiff}.tiff; done

...and shorter command for copying :)

<...> cp $p ${p/-lep./.} <...>
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