.osx: Remove delay when dragging icons from the Dock to remove them #92

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As you all know, Dock icons can be removed by simply clicking them and dragging them out of the Dock. As soon as the “poof” animation appears, you can release the mouse button to remove the icon.

It seems like in Mountain Lion there is a bit of a delay plus a minimum distance required between when you start dragging and when the “poof” animation appears, i.e. when you can release the mouse button to remove the icon. If you release the mouse button before the “poof” animation appears, the icon won’t be deleted from the Dock. If you don’t drag the icon far enough away from the Dock, the “poof” animation won’t appear at all, and again the icon won’t be deleted from the Dock when you release the mouse button.

Is there a hidden setting (defaults write-style) or some other way to disable this delay and/or minimum distance setting?

Note: I’ve cross-posted this on http://apple.stackexchange.com/q/57617/4408.


I fail to see how this is an issue? Both the minimum distance and the delay is small enough to not be a nuisance and prevents you from unintentionally removing an icon from the Dock. The "poof" icon appears below the cursor as a notice that releasing now will delete the icon, so I don't see how you'd fail to remove an icon either by not dragging far enough and/or not waiting long enough.


@renstrom I don’t like having to wait.


Im going to have to agree, the old way was much faster. And pro users don't like this sort of crap.

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