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roderik and others added some commits Apr 21, 2012

@roderik roderik Update 4a53709
@roderik roderik Update 5280044
@roderik roderik Roderik's defauts and additions dd8de49
Roderik van der Veer Add rbenv 66ad6de
@roderik roderik Improvements 1547158
@roderik roderik Removing some stuff with adverse effects a1ae5e3
@roderik roderik Improve the .extra file handling 6288b5b
@roderik roderik Update readme 59fe0e5
@roderik roderik Fix c52069c
@roderik roderik Clean up vimrc 87e0dae
@roderik roderik Bash prompt, vim config and the hist alias a73eed8
@roderik roderik More hist tweaks 8b69dce
@roderik roderik Merge remote-tracking branch 'mat/master'
* mat/master: (68 commits)
  .osx: Use the Pro theme by default in
  .functions: Attempt to make `server` open the browser *after* the server has started
  .osx: Hide Safari’s bookmarks bar by default
  .osx: Group windows by application in Mission Control
  .osx: Don’t show Dashboard as a Space
  .osx: Set computer name
  .osx: Add more Finder settings for icons on the desktop and in icon views
  .osx: Show icons for hard drives, servers, and removable media on the desktop
  .bash_profile: Source `~/.extra` before the other dotfiles
  .aliases: Make `update` update `npm` and its installed packages as well
  .osx: Add settings
  .osx: Comment out the line that enables the 2D Dock
  .osx: Hide the useless Time Machine and Volume icons
  .aliases: Optimize the `ls` flavor detection even further
  .aliases: Optimize the way we detect the `ls` flavor
  .aliases: Detect which `ls` flavor is in use and use the appropriate flag for colorized output
  .aliases: Support colorized output for `ls` 8.17 only (GNU coreutils)
  .brew: Install PHP 5.4
  .osx: Increase sound quality for Bluetooth headphones/headsets
  .vimrc: Enable per-directory `.vimrc` files

@roderik roderik Some cleanup 0d901dc
@roderik roderik Add a script to remove merged git banches 0887b35
@roderik roderik Add brew node path 4eb3358
@roderik roderik Added Sublime settings acd3eb8
@roderik roderik Updated Sublime 40f53cf
@roderik roderik New Sublime package ddfafff
@roderik roderik add ssh-add 7e6bb15
@roderik roderik Hide some stuff on linux and check if the key is there 757189e
@roderik roderik Missing space 0dd5fb5
@roderik roderik New package and font changes 572b785
@roderik roderik Only install Sublime settings on OSX 242a5aa
@roderik roderik Prevent accidental commits with my name f1b1a74
@roderik roderik Shorten the bash prompt path 435dd14
@roderik roderik Don't brek when rerunning f464103
@roderik roderik Added bash 4 and brew fles da80ed4
@roderik roderik Add the git credentials command 4fa9b51
@roderik roderik Update some settings from the originating repo 9796d2a
@roderik roderik Shared bash history btween terminals b49e348
@roderik roderik Sublime updates d2c6439
@roderik roderik Updates 4436a5e
@roderik roderik Update .gitconfig bc05700
@roderik roderik Add varnish aliasses 3c88d55
@roderik roderik Sublime updates 7594bd3
@roderik roderik Fix excess i a9a40fb
@roderik roderik set the title of the terminal to the user@hostname df77f14
@roderik roderik fix missing true 4add35d
@roderik roderik Some escaping was missing 05a285e
@sennychu sennychu my test
my test

mathiasbynens commented Jun 17, 2013


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