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.osx: Really disable sound effects on boot on 10.9. #290

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SystemAudioVolume=' ' didn't worked for me (10.9.0, retina late 2013). This one does


I cannot never tell if it works. I forget if I turned down volume before rebooting. So far I haven't heard the chime in a while. The major thing is to add a hook on shut-down to mute but I'm pretty sure SystemAudioVolume=.. does not work. This is on a new 15" Retina (2013).


Some more info:

The best way I find is to run the following command in the terminal, which seems to put it on the quietest setting:

sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume=" "

That's a space between the double quotes. Some people suggest different values to disable it like the following but the space is the only value I get to work consistently:

sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume="%80"
sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume="%00"

It would be nice if it just accepted integers e.g 0-3. To reset it, you can either reset the PRAM with command-option-p-r at boot or with the following:

sudo nvram -d SystemAudioVolume

I've noticed that sometimes plugging in and unplugging earphones resets it, which could be why people have made preference panes etc but try it and see. I don't mind the noise being separate from the audio system but there's no need for Apple to make it so loud.


I am running Mac OSX 10.9.3 on a new Macbook Air (released April 2014) and haven't been able to successfully disable the chime.

# neither of these work
sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume=" "
sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume=0

Neither solution seems to work consistently. Maybe it’s better to just remove this from .osx altogether?

@agh agh referenced this pull request in aeode-cookbooks/osx

Do we chime on the system booting up? #9

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Commits on Nov 25, 2013
  1. @paulmillr

    Really disable sound effects on boot on 10.9.

    paulmillr authored
    SystemAudioVolume=' ' didn't worked for me (10.9.0, retina late 2013)
  2. @paulmillr
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2  .osx
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/
sudo pmset -a standbydelay 86400
# Disable the sound effects on boot
-sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume=" "
+sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume=0
# Menu bar: disable transparency
defaults write NSGlobalDomain AppleEnableMenuBarTransparency -bool false
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