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fblundun commented Feb 4, 2014

+1 would be awesome to get this released. Hopefully the addition of a test suite should increase confidence in the PR and make merging the other PRs less painful.

Any timeline on getting this released? This is blocking the next release of our own project which is moving to using grunt-yui-compressor but needs the linebreak option.


@alexanderdean I’ll have to review this first. For now you could just point to @fblundun’s fork directly in your package.json – see https://npmjs.org/doc/json.html#Git-URLs-as-Dependencies.


I didn't know that was possible - thanks @mathiasbynens !


@fblundun - it looks like test/yui_compressor_test.js has incorrect whitespace & indentation - could you change from spaces to tabs and check indentation.

fblundun commented Oct 3, 2014

Hi @mathiasbynens , any news on getting this feature merged?


👍 I'd also like this feature to be added, it's sorely missing :)

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