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@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ npm install
* Works in all A-grade browsers, including IE6.
* Automatically checks if the browser natively supports the HTML5 `placeholder` attribute for `input` and `textarea` elements. If this is the case, the plugin won’t do anything. If `@placeholder` is only supported for `input` elements, the plugin will leave those alone and apply to `textarea`s exclusively. (This is the case for Safari 4, Opera 11.00, and possibly other browsers.)
* Caches the results of its two feature tests in `jQuery.fn.placeholder.input` and `jQuery.fn.placeholder.textarea`. For example, if `@placeholder` is natively supported for `input` elements, `jQuery.fn.placeholder.input` will be `true`. After loading the plugin, you can re-use these properties in your own code.
* Using `<input type="reset" />` will break the plugin functionality
* Makes sure it never causes duplicate IDs in your DOM, even in browsers that need an extra `input` element to fake `@placeholder` for password inputs. This means you can safely do stuff like:
@@ -87,7 +88,6 @@ This plugin is available under [the MIT license](
* [Paul Irish]( for his inspiring snippet in [jQuery 1.4 Hawtness #1](
* everyone from [#jquery]( for the tips, ideas and patches
* temp01 for his major contributions
* anyone who [contributed a patch]( or [made a helpful suggestion](
_– [Mathias](

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