FireFox AdBlock Plus blocks BrowserScope :( #85

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I'm not sure if it is single rule, or the entire plug in; I'll have to check later. Results will not even post with out it disabled.

I do hope people check if their results post after running. Might be missing lots of tests...


mathiasbynens commented Jun 17, 2012

FWIW, I cannot reproduce this on Chrome + AdBlock Plus.

If it’s Firefox + AdBlock Plus specific, we could probably detect it and display a warning.

/cc @jdalton

Thanks for the research @mathiasbynens !
They both use "EasyList", but it seems my AdBlock-FF has a "fanboy-tracking" list: & guess what is blocked there? ""

So I disabled AdBlock Plus for jsperf: If anyone complains about BrowserScope is stuck with at the "Posting results snapshot…", this is what they need to do for a stop-gap. I also submitted an issue with AdBlock Plus's reporter:

Want me to write up a quick WiKi page incase someone else has this issue?

I am curious how much reporting is missing due to anti-tracker lists...? Perhaps a proxy could help?


jdalton commented Jun 20, 2012

Thanks @tomByrer for digging into this. We should totally add a jsPerf FAQ bullet for this and detection to the page. I most likely won't be able to address this in the JS until next week.


mathiasbynens commented Jun 20, 2012


Want me to write up a quick WiKi page incase someone else has this issue?

If you could write up a quick FAQ entry (so Q + A) that possibly links back here, that would be great! You can just post it here in this thread, then I’ll add it to the website.

@mathiasbynens How about this?
1st Q+A has not been mentioned so far in this thread, but I'll include it for completeness/troubleshooting.

Why doesn't the Browserscope graph display for a test case?

  1. "No data available" means the test has not been run yet.
  2. Your browser may be incapable of displaying the graphs (eg. Android 2.1). For Chart type, click on "table" to see test results.
  3. If it will not display after you run a test, read below (#browserscope-no-update)

Why doesn't Browserscope graph display update after my new test run?

  1. If the tests have completed, but Browserscope seemed to refresh but did not update with your browser results, try refreshing the webpage in your browser.
  2. If the Browserscope readout is stuck at "Posting results snapshot…" after completing all test cases, then you likely have Browserscope blocked. This may be due to an anti-advertising/social plugin such as AdBlock Plus. You can turn it off using these instructions:
  • FireFox: Adblock Plus lives in the "Add-on Bar" in the bottom-left of your browser. The icon looks like a red stop sign with the letters "ABP". Click on the icon for its menu, then select "Disable on" until the red ABP icon turns gray (off) like this: You will have to re-run your tests; the previous run is lost.
  • Chrome: In the right side of the address bar, you will find the red "ABP" icon. Click on it once, then uncheck "Enabled for this site".


had to deactivate adblock for both & to get it woking. thanks! great thread.

irocasm commented Apr 2, 2013

Posting results to Browserscope does work for me even with ABP enabled, but Firefox had to accept Third-Party Cookies. Took some time to figure this out, would like to see this documented.

Can confirm: Firefox won't show up in the statistics unless third party-cookies are accepted. Whitelisting everything in ABP didn't suffice.

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