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Web developer tools
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ampersands Update spec URLs
bacon Minor cleanup
base64 Update spec URLs
bgcolor Update spec URLs
binary-ascii Minor cleanup
brainfuck-minifier Minor cleanup
byte-counter Minor cleanup
css-escapes css-escapes: Update as per the latest spec draft
custom-element-name Minor cleanup
font-family Minor cleanup
html-entities html-entities: Update dependencies
js-escapes js-escapes: Update dependencies
js-properties js-properties: Update to ES6
js-variables js-variables: Update URL
lua-minifier lua-minifier: Update dependencies
operator-precedence Minor cleanup
punycode punycode: Lowercase domain name before running `toASCII`
q Minor cleanup
quoted-printable Minor cleanup
regexpu regexpu: Update output
reverse-string Minor cleanup
twitalics Minor cleanup
unquoted-attributes unquoted-attributes: Mark `-` as an invalid CSS identifier
url url: Decode `+` as ` `
utf-8 Minor cleanup
wtf-8 Add WTF-8 encoder/decoder
.gitattributes Initial commit.
.gitignore js-properties: Update to ES6
LICENSE-GPL.txt Release code under MIT/GPL, as requested by @typed on Twitter
LICENSE-MIT.txt Minor cleanup Minor cleanup Add custom element name validator

Web developer tools

This repository uses separate HTML and external CSS and JS files for clarity.

On the live site all of this is minified and inlined together into a single HTML file per tool. Application cache is used for offline access.


All code in this repository is dual licensed under the MIT/GPL licenses.

You don’t have to do anything special to choose one license or the other and you don’t have to notify anyone which license you are using. You are free to re-use parts of this code in commercial projects as long as the copyright header (as mentioned in GPL-LICENSE.txt and MIT-LICENSE.txt) is left intact.

Made by Mathias Bynens.

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