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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
<h1>Unquoted JavaScript property name validator</h1>
<p>Wondering if a given character sequence can be used as an unquoted property name in JavaScript? Can dot notation be used to get or set this property based on its name? <a href=>Read all about it</a>, or just use this tool.
<noscript><strong>To use this tool, please <a href=>enable JavaScript</a> and reload the page.</strong></noscript>
-<p><label>Enter a property name: <input value="foo-bar" required autofocus placeholder="e.g. foo-bar"></label>
+<p><label>Enter a property name: <input value=foo-bar required autofocus placeholder="e.g. foo-bar"></label>
<p>You <em>don’t need</em> to quote this property name<span id=es3> for backwards compatibility with ES3</span>: <a href=# id=permalink>permalink</a>
<pre><code>var object = {<br> <mark>foo-bar</mark>: 42<br>};</code></pre>
<p id=dot>You can’t use dot notation here:

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