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Smallest possible syntactically valid files of different types
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Add WebP

WebP is an image format developed by Google. The format supports lossless as well as lossy compression. You can read more about it here:

Closes #24 & #44.
latest commit 1cd7c58a1b
Alok Menghrajani authored committed
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.htaccess adding vertex-shader.
Makefile Add Makefile Tweak README
ada.adb Ada
batch.bat adding vertex-shader.
bmp.bmp BMP
c.c TADS 3
cpp.cpp Objective-C
csharp.cs C# Main method can be private. See…
css.css adding vertex-shader.
eiffel.e Eiffel
elf.o ELF
fortran-77.f FORTRAN 77 and Fortran 90
fortran-90.f90 FORTRAN 77 and Fortran 90
gif-transparent.gif added smalles possible yet valid gif, transparent gif, jpeg and png
gif.gif added smalles possible yet valid gif, transparent gif, jpeg and png
go.go Go
haskell_loop.hs Haskell examples
haskell_term.hs Haskell examples
html-2.0.html Initial commit
html-3.2.html Initial commit
html-4.0-strict.html Initial commit
html-4.01-frameset.html Update html-4.01-frameset according to:…
html-4.01-strict.html Initial commit
html-4.01-transitional.html Initial commit
html5.html Initial commit
i.i7x Match the naming conventions of the other files
ico.ico ICO
inform-6.inf Match the naming conventions of the other files
intercal.i INTERCAL
iso-html.html Initial commit Replaced main with a static initializer block in the Java file
javascript.js adding vertex-shader.
jess.clp adding vertex-shader.
jpeg.jpg Make the JPEG even smaller
json-p.jsonp Add JSON & JSON-P files
json.json Add JSON & JSON-P files
malbolge.malbolge Create malbolge.malbolge
manifest.appcache Add manifest.appcache
mp4.mp4 Add single-frame 8×8px H.264 MP4 without sound
objective-c.m Objective-C adding vertex-shader.
opa.opa adding vertex-shader.
pascal.pas Add Windows batch file, C#, Pascal and Bash shell script adding vertex-shader.
php.php adding vertex-shader.
png-transparent.png added smalles possible yet valid gif, transparent gif, jpeg and png
promela.pml Add Promela adding vertex-shader.
rtf.rtf Rich Text Format
ruby.rb adding vertex-shader. adding vertex-shader. Inform 7
svg.svg Initial commit
tads-3.t TADS 3
tiff.tif Add TIFF
vertex-shader.vs adding vertex-shader.
webp.webp Add WebP Whitespace
xhtml-1.0-frameset.html Add HTML 4.01 Frameset and XHTML 1.0 Frameset files
xhtml5.xhtml Update XHTML5 file as per
xml-1.0-valid.xml Add XML files
xml-1.0.xml Add XML files
xml-1.1-valid.xml Add XML files
xml-1.1.xml Add XML files

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