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Welcome to the Mathics wiki!

There is a special page on Contributing to the Mathics source code.

If you're looking for instructions on how to install the latest version of Mathics, take a look at the Installing page.

What is Mathics

Mathics is a general-purpose computer algebra system (CAS). It is meant to be a free, light-weight alternative to Mathematica.


The main web documentation is maintained at http://mathics.angusgriffith.com/doc/. You can also download a pdf from http://mathics.github.io/docs/mathics-1.0.pdf.

To access the documentation for the development branch of Mathics you'll have to download Mathics. Once you install mathics locally, you can access the documentation through the web frontend by clicking on the 'Documentaion' tab at the top right.

You can also build the pdf yourself. See Building-the-documentation for details.