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Always use the default ruby for smart-pull.

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1 parent 0461fb6 commit e1f44c8e1fa16bdc92666d2bb6bf4de0fa20547d @mathie committed Mar 15, 2012
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@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ alias gdc='git diff --cached'
alias glog='git log --pretty="format:%C(yellow)%h%Cblue%d%Creset %s %C(white) %an, %ar%Creset"'
alias gl='glog --graph'
alias gla='gl --all'
-alias gup='git smart-pull'
+alias gup='rvm default exec git smart-pull'
alias gc='git commit'
alias ga='git add'
alias gap='git add --patch'

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