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Cat current #2

merged 46 commits into from Jul 21, 2012


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jairodiaz commented May 31, 2012

Hi Graeme,

We have updated the gem to Rails 3.2, Rspec 2.x and Ruby 1.9.2. We added also soport for the Token Protocol so that it is possible to save the credit card and do new transactions in in the future.

Regards, Jairo

moomerman and others added some commits Feb 10, 2011

@moomerman moomerman making it work with ruby 1.9.2 00f1ff8
@moomerman moomerman referencing Digest::MD5 directly b421629
@moomerman moomerman using the hexdigest methid 401120d
@moomerman moomerman fixed deprecation warnings in rails 3.1 0e2afbd
@moomerman moomerman added NO (NORWAY) to list of valid country codes 20a00bb
@gato-omega gato-omega phase1 porting to 1.9.2 rails 3.1 09930c0
@gato-omega gato-omega 1.9.2-p280 working e15ee40
@gato-omega gato-omega reintegrated .rvmrc to version control 6787aef
@gato-omega gato-omega phase2 porting to 1.9.2 rails 3.1 e01f6ff
@gato-omega gato-omega fixed URI-fixes in previous version, with DEFAULT_PARSER UNRESERVED k…
…ey override, much simpler
@gato-omega gato-omega phase3 fixes, upgraded activesupport and related gems, i18n was neces…
…sary to comply with activesupport, see if can be fixed
@gato-omega gato-omega now integrating activemodel for validatios, phase 1 5e484f3
@gato-omega gato-omega required activemodel correctly 89cfb96
@gato-omega gato-omega refactored uri_fixups to override DEFAULT_PARSER and changed some val…
…idations to work with activemodel, in address, command...
@jairodiaz jairodiaz changed validates_true_for for validates with :numerality 55f248f
@gato-omega gato-omega added spec/support/vendor_config requirement for separating simulator…
…/test config concern from gem
@gato-omega gato-omega changed error validations on(X), for [X] to be compatible with active…
…model, validation messages to be changed
@gato-omega gato-omega fixed some more validation specs that were out of sync with remarkabl…
…e, just a few remaining
@jairodiaz jairodiaz added i18n translation file to make pass validation message errors 43b7624
@jairodiaz jairodiaz solved invalid transaction registration error 3443e56
@jairodiaz jairodiaz corrected validates_the_format_of errors including original module 9712fe2
@gato-omega gato-omega eliminated extra code and comments 69ee65a
@jairodiaz jairodiaz include information in Readme file 4ecfe4b
@jairodiaz jairodiaz reformatted readme file e8e2a4e
@jairodiaz jairodiaz correcting: github shows wrong format for readme file 06e5ae4
@gato-omega gato-omega pushed with built gem for current project ca60845
@gato-omega gato-omega added token registration command needs testing with TEST environment,…
… as this is not currently supported by simulator!
@gato-omega gato-omega partial commit for testing gateway responses 181e347
@gato-omega gato-omega corrected showpost for tests 45ac28c
@gato-omega gato-omega corrected showpost 2 1565553
@gato-omega gato-omega added some debug output for testing and an -other- authentication com…
…mand that does not follow the protocol correctly, so it should be dropped to avoid confusion
@gato-omega gato-omega fixed notification for obtaining the remaining params from the respon…
…se for a next url in token registration
@gato-omega gato-omega added ExpiryDate and Token for notification d8b41eb
@gato-omega gato-omega built gem for use in current_project 74a5da4
@gato-omega gato-omega recompiled c825f3a
@gato-omega gato-omega removed duplicated hash entry eb9408e
@gato-omega gato-omega changed singnature in the case of token registration 4965067
@gato-omega gato-omega recompiled d8d1501
@gato-omega gato-omega added readers for token and expiry date in notification bbbdb02
@gato-omega gato-omega recompiled 9fae889
@jairodiaz jairodiaz added notication capturer to add test for token 3aea57f
@jairodiaz jairodiaz Test of token registration notification okay implemented with sinatra f41b5f8
@jairodiaz jairodiaz Refactored and added token.yml file to save last returned token and used
it for future tests for payment with token
@gato-omega gato-omega added sinatra for the test stub server f96f4ec
@gato-omega gato-omega added payment with token functionality 58126fa
@gato-omega gato-omega removed awesome print marks for notifications 8f65308

mathie commented Jun 8, 2012

I'm really sorry I've ignored this pull request for so long. As it happens, I'm about to do another sage pay integration, so you've just saved me a pile of work! I'll review this over the next day or so, get it merged down and make another release of the gem.

I take it this supersedes the previous pull request, so I'll close it now.

@ghost ghost assigned mathie Jun 8, 2012


mathie commented Jul 11, 2012

Well, I can certainly say this branch works, as we've trialled it on another app. There's a couple of tweaks I'd like to make (just to keep with house style) before I merge down to master and make a new release, but I'll get there soon.

Thanks for contributing this, you just saved me a tonne of work on a new project!

@mathie mathie merged commit 8f65308 into mathie:master Jul 21, 2012


mathie commented Jul 21, 2012


At last, I've merged down most of this pull request and released a new version of the SagePay gem. However, I skipped out on a couple of things:

  • I didn't really understand the authenticate_other method, and there were no tests associated with it, so I removed it for now.
  • I got bogged down in tweaking the token protocol changes, then decided to skip it 'til the next release.

In both instances, it would be awesome if you could resubmit your changes as separate pull requests and I'll integrate them in due course.

Thanks again for your contributions!

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