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#Backbone Couchapp example:

  • Install couchapp -> README at [https://github.com/couchapp/couchapp]
  • couchapp generate PROJECTNAME
  • Open the newly generated folder in your favorite editor
  • Remove some unnecessary scripts from vendor/ folder and remove them from vendor/couchapp/_attachements/loader.js
  • Add new view -> byCollection: Create a new folder in /views called byCollection and add a new file map.js.
  • Add this code to map.js: function(doc){ if(doc.collection){ emit(doc.collection, doc); } };
  • Remove evently folder
  • Alter information in couchapp.json (if you want to)
  • Copy your Backbone App into /_attachements (you could also simply take this example app)
  • Push the couchapp to your CouchDB: couchapp push http://user:pw@blahblah.couchone.com/DBNAME
  • Go to the url couchapp just printed out
  • Et Voilà, your first backbone-couchapp