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hone committed Jun 13, 2012
1 parent efaadb1 commit 72d6231f194e6bac2bb593c6a85b902a5b1d1655
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  1. +4 −2 lib/language_pack/ruby.rb
@@ -296,8 +296,10 @@ def install_libyaml(dir)
def remove_vendor_bundle
if File.exists?("vendor/bundle")
- topic "WARNING: Don't check in `vendor/bundle`. Use `bundle pack` instead."
- puts "Removing `vendor/bundle`."
+ topic "WARNING: Removing `vendor/bundle`."
+ puts "Checking in `vendor/bundle` is not supported. Please remove this directory"
+ puts "and add it to your .gitignore. To vendor your gems with Bundler, use"
+ puts "`bundle pack` instead."

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