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use lockfile parser for detecting gems in Gemfile

doing this so we can detect in case bundle install fails
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1 parent 0ad0b01 commit 4f2bbbef036fecb4b024c057b7a014fbb06f616b @hone hone committed
Showing with 11 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +11 −7 lib/language_pack/ruby.rb
18 lib/language_pack/ruby.rb
@@ -258,21 +258,25 @@ def add_bundler_to_load_path
# detects whether the Gemfile.lock contains the Windows platform
# @return [Boolean] true if the Gemfile.lock was created on Windows
def has_windows_gemfile_lock?
- add_bundler_to_load_path
- require "bundler"
- parser ="Gemfile.lock"))
- parser.platforms.detect do |platform|
+ lockfile_parser.platforms.detect do |platform|
/mingw|mswin/.match(platform.os) if platform.is_a?(Gem::Platform)
# detects if a gem is in the bundle.
- # @note it caches the output of `bundle show` on the first run, so this will break if `bundle show` changes between calls.
# @param [String] name of the gem in question
# @return [String, nil] if it finds the gem, it will return the line from bundle show or nil if nothing is found.
def gem_is_bundled?(gem)
- @bundle_show ||= run("bundle show")
- @bundle_show.split("\n").detect { |line| line =~ / \* #{gem} / }
+ @bundler_gems ||=
+ @bundler_gems.include?(gem)
+ end
+ # setup the lockfile parser
+ # @return [Bundler::LockfileParser] a Bundler::LockfileParser
+ def lockfile_parser
+ add_bundler_to_load_path
+ require "bundler"
+ @lockfile_parser ||="Gemfile.lock"))
# detects if a rake task is defined in the app

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