A plugin for SBT to facilitate the use of ProGuard to create single jars for SBT-managed projects.
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Requires sbt

To use the plugin in a project, you just need to create project/plugins/Plugins.scala:

import sbt._
class Plugins(info: ProjectInfo) extends PluginDefinition(info) {
  val proguard = "org.scala-tools.sbt" % "sbt-proguard-plugin" % "0.0.1"

and make the project definition in project/build/Project (for example):

import sbt._
import java.io.File

class Project(info: ProjectInfo) extends ProguardProject(info) {

##Hacking on the plugin

If you need make modifications to the plugin itself, you can compile and install it locally (you need at least sbt 0.7.x to build it):

$ git clone git://github.com/nuttycom/sbt-proguard-plugin.git
$ cd sbt-proguard-plugin
$ sbt publish-local    


This plugin depends upon ProGuard (http://proguard.sourceforge.net/), which is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.0. As such, this plugin is distributed under the same license; you are free to use and modify this work so long as any derivative work complies with the distribution terms. See LICENSE for additional information.


This code is based on work by Jan Berkel for the SBT android plugin