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Custom Order Reference Yearly Increment

Prestashop module.

This module was refused on Prestashop Addons Marketplace because it needs to change default table structure, so I give it for free :)

Custom order reference with configurable pattern and increment number that can be resetted every year automatically

How to install

In admin, choose "Modules and services" and then "Add a new module".

Choose the file "" and click on "Upload this module".

How to use

In admin, choose "Modules and services", and then look for the module "Custom Order Reference Yearly Increment".

Click on the "Configure" button.

Choose your pattern for Order References. The pattern is free text string, with some tags that are automaticaly replaced :

  • {INCREMENT} : The increment number
  • {YYYY} : Year (4 digits)
  • {MM} : Month (2 digits)
  • {DD} : Day (2 digits)

On the configuration page you can also :

  • Set the next increment number
  • Set the increment number length
  • Choose if the increment number is resetted yearly or not.
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