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Learn what are the logic rules behind natural phenomena and how we can simulate and modify them using a computer


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Artificial World Building

Have you ever wondered how tree structure is formed? What about crystals? And what about more complex stuff? How living beings and societies work? If you would like to improve your understanding of the world a little bit more through a practical point of view this is the course for you.

March 2021 Hyperlink course edition. To follow the lectures if you are not familiar with Colab try this tutorial.

3DCA example

Course Syllabus

Class 0: How trees grow?

This is a short tutorial about how to model different tree shapes using simple rules.

Class 1: How things grow?

In this first class we are going to learn how different organisms and natural objects grow.

Class 2: How things evolve?

In this class we are going to learn about genetic algorithms through practical examples.

Class 3 - How things learn?

In this class we are going to talk about how the learning process can be modeled implementing notions like curiosity and reinforcement.

Class 4 - How things interact?

We will learn how to model biological systems like bird flocks and complex societies inspired in SimCity.

Class 5 - How things communicate?

We will learn how language can emerge as a need to solve a problem that requires cooperation. Then we will have some fun with text generation models like GPT-2.