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Empathic frequency


Empathic frequency is an “emotional radio” – a radio that can be operated through facial expressions. This piece shows a collaborative way to listen to music, and also an experience of discovering music from a ‘computational point-of-view.’” The interactive concept is based on human interaction with one person acting as a listener to the music while the other is able to control the music playing on the device by adjusting their facial expression through a smile or a funny face for example. This project explores the use of universal means of communication – emotions. It focuses on ways of communicating universally, transcending language barriers between people.
It is also an attempt to unravel the way in which computers and algorithms view traditional cultures on a more global scale, and how technologies could open up alien means of perception.



Empathic frequency is an installation created for the festival Fak'ugesi 2018, Johannesburg.