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Hibiscus Watcher

What does it do?

This is a tool which makes use of Hibiscus Payment Server to get account data securely from a bank and generate a report. The report is in plain text (ideal for mailing it) and can be configured to contain more or less details.

Gettings started

  • get the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in version 8 or newer
  • download the lastest release and unpack it
  • start it using the script contained in the "bin" directory or with java -jar hibiscus-watcher.jar and append a combination of these parameters:
    • --url <URL> : URL of the XML-RPC services of Hibiscus, e.g. https://localhost:8080/xmlrpc/
    • --username <LOGIN> : username to access the XML-RPC services at the given URL, defaults to 'admin'
    • --password <PASSWORD> : password to access the XML-RPC services at the given URL
    • --balances : get the balances of all accounts
    • --single : get all single postings of all accounts and generate the more detailed postings report (which also contains the balances)
    • --days <DAYS> : go back this amount of days for fetching the postings, e.g. 7 (the default) - this option is only effective in single postings mode!
    • --only-account <ACCOUNT> : account(s) for --balances or --single (multiple times allowed)
    • --low : check if the balance of an account is below a minimum account
    • --low-account <ACCOUNT> : account(s) for --low (multiple times allowed)
    • --low-minimum <WHOLE NUMBER> : minimum amount for --low
    • --no-negative : do not get single postings which contain a negative amount of money
    • --no-positive : do not get single postings which contain a positive amount of money
    • --no-sum : do not print a sum