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copia is my project from the 4th semester. It's an application which provides you from information overload. But also gives you an overview of what happend during the day.

What is copia?

copia is a tool to reduce information overload. Every day you will get the 6 most relevant news topics of a day. An algorithm is checking whether the news is relevant or not. This depends on the social activity from a topic. So a topic which was often tweeted or commented can be more important than a topic which was viewed by the most people.

copia is based on the principle of simultaneousness. Every day at 6 p.m. the tool will search for new topics. These topics will last for the next 24 hours. After that the topics are gone forever and the user can't access to them anymore.

But copia isn't only a tool to read news. It's a tool to immerge into an topic. Which opinions exist to this topic? What do other news channels say? What do the locals say? When was the first time a topic was mentioned? In summary: copia gives a view beyond one's own nose while delivering insights into society.

What do I need to setup copia?

  • MySQL Database
  • Twitter API Access
  • New York Times API Access
  • API Acces

How do I setup copia?

  • composer: copia was made with composer. In the first step you have to run composer update within the copia directory to load the needed libraries.

  • database: After you setup a new MySQL-Database you have to import the sql-File which you can find in the db directory.

  • config.php.tpl: use this template for the config-file to setup your own config-file. To use copia you also need to have access to the APIs from Twitter, NYT and Indico. As you can see above. After setting up the config.php.tpl file you need to rename it to config.php

  • font: for public use I removed the files of the font "Fabrik" due to copyright restrictions.

More Information

You will find more information about copia visiting