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The MathJax API

The following links document the various components that make up MathJax. These are implemented as JavaScript objects contained within the single global variable, MathJax. Although JavaScript includes an object system with some inheritance capabilities, they do not constitute a full object-oriented programming model, so MathJax implements its own object library. This means there is an ambiguity when we speak of an "object", as it could be either a native JavaScript object, or a MathJax object. When the distinction is important, we will use Object (capitalized) or MathJax.Object for the latter; the javascript object will always be listed in lower case.

You may also want to view the :ref:`advanced topics <advanced-topics>` on the main MathJax documentation page.

.. toctree::
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    The MathJax variable <variable>
    The MathJax.Hub object <hub>
    The MathJax.Ajax object <ajax>
    The MathJax.Message object <message>
    The MathJax.HTML object <html>
    The MathJax.CallBack class <callback>
    The MathJax.CallBack.Queue class <queue>
    The MathJax.CallBack.Signal class <signal>
    The MathJax.Localization object <localization>

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    The MathJax.InputJax class <inputjax>
    The MathJax.OutputJax class <outputjax>
    The MathJax.ElementJax class <elementjax>
    The base Jax class <jax>

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    The MathJax Object-Oriented Programming Model <object>