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MathJax Documentation

MathJax is an open-source JavaScript display engine for LaTeX, MathML, and AsciiMath notation that works in all modern browsers.

.. toctree::
    :caption: Basic Usage
    :maxdepth: 1

    What is MathJax? <mathjax>
    Getting Started with MathJax <start>
    Installing and Testing MathJax <installation>
    Loading and Configuring MathJax <configuration>
    Combined MathJax Configurations <config-files>

.. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 1

    MathJax TeX and LaTeX Support <tex>
    MathJax MathML Support <mathml>
    MathJax AsciiMath Support <asciimath>
    MathJax Output Formats <output>
    MathJax Font Support <font-support>

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    :maxdepth: 1

    MathJax Localization <localization>
    MathJax Safe-mode <safe-mode>

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    :maxdepth: 1

    The MathJax Community <community>

.. toctree::
    :caption: Configuration options
    :maxdepth: 1

    Configuration options <options/index>

.. toctree::
    :caption: Advanced topics
    :name: advanced-topics
    :maxdepth: 1

    The MathJax Processing Model <advanced/model>
    The MathJax Startup Sequence <advanced/startup>
    Synchronizing Your Code with MathJax <advanced/synchronize>
    Loading MathJax Dynamically <advanced/dynamic>
    Modifying Math on the Page <advanced/typeset>
    Obtaining the MathML for an Expression <advanced/toMathML>
    Writing MathJax Extensions <advanced/extension-writing>
    Debugging Tips <advanced/debugging-tips>
    MathJax on NodeJS <advanced/mathjax-node>

.. toctree::
    :caption: The MathJax API
    :maxdepth: 1

    Details of the MathJax API<api/index>

.. toctree::
    :caption: Miscellanea
    :maxdepth: 1

    Accessibility features <misc/accessibility-features>
    Browser Compatibility <misc/browser-compatibility>
    EPUB3 Reading Systems <misc/epub>
    MathJax Badges and Logo <misc/badges>
    Articles and Presentations <misc/articles>
    Using MathJax in Web Platforms <misc/platforms>
    MathJax FAQ <misc/faq>
    MathJax in Use <misc/mathjax-in-use>

.. toctree::
    :caption: Upgrading MathJax
    :maxdepth: 2

    Upgrading MathJax <upgrading/index>

.. toctree::
    :caption: Reference Pages
    :maxdepth: 1

    HTML snippets <reference/HTML-snippets>
    CSS style objects <reference/CSS-styles>
    Localization strings <reference/localization-strings>
    Glossary <reference/glossary>

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