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MathJax In Use

This is a historic selection of (web) applications using MathJax — showcasing some interesting examples that may serve as inspiration.

We keep this for historic purposes. We still highlight new examples in our commnunity news blog posts at


  • eLyxer (LyX to HTML converter; see the Math Showcase)
  • Fidus Writer, an web based editor for collaborative academic writing.
  • Flatworld knowledge a free textbook publisher using MathJax in their web service.
  • Inkling Habitat, a web-based publishing platform.
  • jaxedit (on-line LaTeX editor with live preview)
  • kramdown a markdown parser in ruby with MathJax support
  • MarkedApp, a notetaking app for iOS with MathJax support.
  • Markx, an open source markdown+MathJax editor heroku app using StackExchange’s PageDown library and optional pandoc integration.
  • Nested (structured document creation)
  • Pandoc a universal text document converter with extensive MathJax support
  • Qute, Gecko-based text editor with live-preview for Markdown and MathJax.
  • ReText a RestructuredText and Markdown editor with MathJax support.
  • StackEdit, a versatile open source markdown+MathJax editor webapp and blogging client using StackExchange’s PageDown library.

Mobile Apps

Plugins, Helpers, & Demos


Gallery of Selected Sites

The Gallery of Selected Sites lists our early adopters and is closed. Contact us about your site and we’ll mention you in our Community Update blog posts.

Scholarly communication


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Blogs&personal websites [early adoptors for historic purposes only]

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