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Using MathJax in popular web platforms

MathJax plugins are available for a growing number of wikis, blogs, and other content-management systems.

If the program you are using is not one of these, you might be able to use MathJax by modifying the theme or template for your wiki or blog, as explained below.

Unofficial Tutorials

Using MathJax in a Theme File

Most web-based content-management systems include a theme or template layer that determines how the pages look, and that loads information common to all pages. Such theme files provide a way to include MathJax in your web templates in the absence of MathJax-specific plugins for the system you are using. To take advantage of this approach, you will need access to your theme files, which probably means you need to be an administrator for the site; if you are not, you may need to have an administrator do these steps for you. You will also have to identify the right file if the theme consists of multiple files.

To enable MathJax in your web platform using cdnjs, add the line:

<script type="text/javascript"

either just before the </head> tag in your theme file, or at the end of the file if it contains no </head>.

Alternatively, you can use

<script type="text/javascript"

to get the latest release of MathJax (regardless of the version you have indicated in the URL).

Keep in mind that this will enable MathJax for your current theme/template only. If you change themes or update your theme, you will have to repeat these steps. We strongly suggest tat you use a plugin or help the community of your favorite software by writing a plugin yourself.