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HTML Support

The CommonHTML output processor renders your mathematics using HTML with CSS styling. It produces high-quality output in all modern browsers, with results that are consistent across browsers and operating systems. This is MathJax's primary output mode since MathJax version 2.6. Its major advantage is its quality, consistency, and the fact that its output is independent of the browser, operating system, and user environment. This means you can pre-process mathematics on a server, without needing to know the browser, what fonts are available, and so on. (In version 2, both the HTML-CSS and NativeMML processors produced different output for different browsers and user environments.)

The CommonHTML output uses web-based fonts so that users don't have to have math fonts installed on their computers, but will use locally installed ones if they are available. It currently only supports MathJax's default TeX fonts (see the :ref:`font-support` section for more information).

See :ref:`chtml-options` for information about the options that control the CommonHTML output.