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This repository contains localization data for MathJax as well as tools to convert them. The localization data are organized as follows:

  • config.js: configuration for languages and domains.
  • JSON/: the localizable strings in JSON jquery.i18n format.

See also the Statistics on TranslateWiki.

@translators: translations should ideally be done on TranslateWiki and the JSON files commited here. Do not forget to update config.js if you add new languages.

  • You can check the ChangeLog file to track string changes by MathJax developers.
  • Use the conversion tools if you wish to integrate the new translation data in your local MathJax installation.
  • The "qqq" language contains string descriptions that may be helpful.
  • Starting with MathJax v2.3, the Web page test/localization.html may be used to test the localization strings in context.

@MathJax developers: when new strings are created or removed, be sure to update config.js and to use the conversion tools to update the JSON files appropriately. If you add/modify/remove strings, don't forget to update the ChangeLog file and to inform the translators about obsolete/new strings on the MathJax Project TranslateWiki page.

To use the conversion tools, please edit the 'config.cfg' file and run 'make help' for further details.