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testsuite Added test for remeasuring math in display:none elements (Issue #1179).
web Add option to allow indices of these directories
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.htaccess Improve again installation of the testing framework ; add .htaccess t…
Makefile Update tests for changes in Firefox NativeMML add config param for perl ; docs: move testing-framework.svg to html
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A testing framework for the MathJax project

MathJax-test is a project to provide a testing framework for MathJax, based on Selenium testing system. MathJax-test has three main components:

  • Test Suite: a set of Web pages intended to cover all the features of MathJax and ensure non regression.

  • Test Runner: a set of scripts to automatically run the Test Suite in all the platforms supported.

  • Quality Assurance Framework: interface and tools to control the framework and analyse the results.

Testing Framework Infrastructure

The files for these components are respectively in the directories testsuite/, testRunner/ and web/. MathJax-test is distributed under the Apache License but also relies on files with a different free software license. You may find a copy of these licenses in the licenses/ directory.

Installation and Usage

The MathJax-test installation and usage documentation is available in the web/docs/html/ directory of the MathJax-test distribution. People willing to work on the development of this framework may also be interested in the doxygen documentation in the web/docs/doxygen/ directory. The documents are also available on the MathJax-test web site on line at and


The main MathJax website is, and it includes announcements and other important information. The testing project is maintained and distributed on GitHub at If you are interested in contributing to this project, a developer forum is available at Google:

MathJax-Developers Group:

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