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Add RGB color model to color extension #287

dpvc opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Davide P. Cervone Frédéric Wang
Davide P. Cervone
dpvc commented

Add RGB (and other?) color models to the color extension. There are quite a few, but some are easier than others to handle.

Frédéric Wang

Isn't RGB already supported? It is tested by


The CMYK model is tested by


Davide P. Cervone
dpvc commented

There is a difference between rgb model and RGB model. The rgb model uses numbers between 0 and 1, while RGB uses 0 to 255. There are also a half dozen others that could be included, if there is time. But I know that wikipedia needed RGB, so added that here.

Frédéric Wang


Verified with Opera, Firefox and Chrome.

=> Ready for released, In testsuite

Frédéric Wang

I think this bug is fixed, do we keep it open to implement additional commands?

BTW, I'm wondering what is exactly the color package that we want to emulate with the color.js extension. It is very similar to

(minus CMYK and plus RGB)

This other package has RGB as well as many features that are not implemented in color.js:

Frédéric Wang

Closing this bug as fixed. We should open another issue if we want to implement more color models.

Frédéric Wang fred-wang closed this
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