@dpvc dpvc released this Jul 19, 2018

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This is a bug-fix release primarily to address issues with WebKit that can cause the page to crash or some text to be missing in recent versions of Safari.

  • Update AsciiMath to current master version
  • Update mhchem to version 3.3.0
  • Update a11y to version 1.5.0 (with SRE 2.2.2)
  • Use Plane1 alphabets for STIX fonts when possible in HTML-CSS and SVG. (#1923)
  • Improve line breaking algorithm for all output modes. (#1970)
  • Fix problems with multline in CHTML (with tags) and SVG (with small containers). (#1974)
  • Add CSS for munder in CHTML. (#1981)
  • Adjust measuring of ex size and container width to avoid line breaks for inline math in WebKit. (#1982)
  • Don't rescale mstyle bbox for scriptstyle changes in CHTML. (#1985)
  • Prevent potential infinite loop in setRenderer(). (#1986)
  • Make sure \big, etc., are at the right size in script styles in CHTML. (#1987)
  • Fix problem with position of under/over applied to tables in SVG and HTML-CSS. (#1993)
  • Properly handle MML spacing for explicit FORM attributes in all output modes. (#1997)
  • Fix potential crash and missing text in recent Safari versions. (#2005)
  • Change WebKit version for accent fix from 603 to 602. (#2017)
  • Adjust max-width in SVG output to account for scaling factor.
  • Fix for useMMLspacing and FORM attributes.
  • Properly count multi-character glyphs when looking for a single character