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After over two years of development, the MathJax team is pleased to announce the official release of MathJax 3.0.0!

This version is a complete rewrite of MathJax from the ground up using modern programming techniques, including Typescript, ES6 modules, Promises, and more.

Please see the What's New in v3.0 section of the documentation for details about the new version 3.0.0.

Please see the Upgrading from v2 instructions for details about what is and isn't in version 3, and how to upgrade your site from version 2. Note in particular that there is a configuration converter that can help you move from version 2 to version 3.

See the documentation for details about how to use MathJax.

See the MathJax Source Repository for the source code for versions 3.

There are two repositories that contain examples of using MathJax, one for web pages, and one for use with node on a server:

Please use the MathJax Issue Tracker to report problems in version 3 of MathJax.

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