A matrix class developed by high schoole students during their time at the Young Scholars Program as FSU
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A Matrix Library

Authors: Essentials of Scientific Computing class at Florida State University
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This will be a shared README file.

Feel free to edit or change this file if your constributions to the project
require documentation for the users of this library.

----------- The project structure is currently as follows ---------------

Matrix.h - The header file declaring the Matrix class and #including the
			Matrix.cpp file for it's definitions
Matrix.cpp - The implementation of all the functions in the Matrix.h file
driver.cpp - This file #includes the Matrix library and tests its routines

----------------------------- Compilation --------------------------------

Currently the project can be compiled and run with a simple call to your
favorite C++ compiler. 

	bash$ g++ driver.cpp

That should compile the library and driver file and immediately test it out!