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Math.NET Filtering

Math.NET Filtering is a digital signal processing toolkit, offering an infrastructure for digital filter design, applying those filters to data streams using data converters, as well as digital signal generators..

Supports Mono and .NET 4.0 on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Math.NET Filtering is covered under the terms of the MIT/X11 license. You may therefore link to it and use it in both opensource and proprietary software projects.

Release Notes & Changes

Installation Instructions

The recommended way to get Math.NET Filtering is to use NuGet. The following packages are provided and maintained in the public NuGet Gallery:

  • MathNet.Filtering - core package (MIT license)
  • MathNet.Filtering.Kalman - Kalman filter (LGPL license - until we can relicense)

Supported Platforms:

  • .Net 4.0 and Mono: Windows, Linux and Mac.

Building Math.NET Filtering

Windows (.Net): AppVeyor build status
Linux (Mono): Travis Build Status

If you do not want to use the official binaries, or if you like to modify, debug or contribute, you can compile Math.NET Filtering locally either using Visual Studio or manually with the build scripts.

  • The Visual Studio solutions should build out of the box, without any preparation steps or package restores.
  • Instead of a compatible IDE you can also build the solutions with msbuild, or on Mono with xbuild.
  • The full build including unit tests, docs, NuGet and Zip packages is using FAKE.

How to build with MSBuild/XBuild

restore.cmd (or restore.sh)
msbuild MathNet.Filtering.sln            # only build for .Net 4 (main solution)
msbuild MathNet.Filtering.Net35Only.sln  # only build for .Net 3.5
msbuild MathNet.Filtering.All.sln        # full build with .Net 4, 3.5 and PCL profiles
xbuild MathNet.Filtering.sln             # build with Mono, e.g. on Linux or Mac

How to build with FAKE

build.cmd    # normal build (.Net 4.0), run unit tests
./build.sh   # normal build (.Net 4.0), run unit tests - on Linux or Mac
./buildn.sh  # normal build (.Net 4.0), run unit tests - bash on Windows (.Net instead of mono)

build.cmd Build              # normal build (.Net 4.0)
build.cmd Build incremental  # normal build, incremental (.Net 4.0)
build.cmd Build all          # full build (.Net 4.0, 3.5, PCL)
build.cmd Build net35        # compatibility build (.Net 3.5)

build.cmd Test        # normal build (.Net 4.0), run unit tests
build.cmd Test quick  # normal build (.Net 4.0), run unit tests except long running ones
build.cmd Test all    # full build (.Net 4.0, 3.5, PCL), run all unit tests
build.cmd Test net35  # compatibility build (.Net 3.5), run unit testss

build.cmd Clean  # cleanup build artifacts
build.cmd Docs   # generate documentation
build.cmd Api    # generate api reference

build.cmd NuGet all     # generate normal NuGet packages (.Net 4.0, 3.5, PCL)
build.cmd NuGet signed  # generate signed/strong named NuGet packages (.Net 4.0)

build.cmd All          # build, test, docs, api reference (.Net 4.0)
build.cmd All release  # release build

FAKE itself is not included in the repository but it will download and bootstrap itself automatically when build.cmd is run the first time. Note that this step is not required when using Visual Studio or msbuild directly.

Quick Links

Math.NET on other sites: