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Run `steamcmd` functions from Node
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Call SteamCMD from Node.js

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$ npm install --save steamcmd

SteamCMD works faster if all its required ports are available:

  • UDP 27015 through 27030
  • TCP 27015 through 27030


const steamcmd = require('steamcmd');;
//=> returns a Promise for downloading steamcmd locally
//=> returns a Promise for ensuring that steamcmd is updated and dependencies exist
//=> returns a Promise for downloading and updating steamcmd
//=> returns a Promise for the app info of appID 730
steamcmd.updateApp(90, path.resolve('hlds'));
//=> returns a Promise for installing/updating the Half-Life Dedicated Server into 'hlds'


Downloads SteamCMD for the current OS into opts.binDir unless opts.binDir already exists and is accessible.


Ensures SteamCMD is usable by running it with no arguments and exiting.


Runs download([opts]), waits briefly to avoid EBUSY, then runs touch([opts]).

steamcmd.getAppInfo(appid[, opts])

Asks SteamCMD to get the latest app info for the given app.

steamcmd.updateApp(appid, installDir[, opts])

Asks SteamCMD to install/update the given app to the given absolute directory. Throws a TypeError if installDir is not absolute. Returns true if the update succeeded or false if it wasn't required. If SteamCMD's stdout isn't recognized, throws it as an error.


All functions take an optional options parameter.


type: string default: path.join(__dirname, 'steamcmd_bin')

The directory to use when downloading and running steamcmd itself. Defaults to steamcmd_bin in the same directory where this package is installed.


The tests run in parallel and do a significant amount of downloading and IO. If you're running programs that scan downloaded files, like anti-virus or anti-malware (e.g. Windows Defender Realtime Protection), the test processes may run very slowly or be blocked with EBUSY. Try temporarily disabling such programs while running the tests.


MIT © Matt Horn

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