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Yummy Goodness

CS:GO's ingame economy system extracted into its own game for @eevee's GAMES MADE QUICK??? trying to open a cursed egyptian tomb - @eevee

but why?

Game jams are cool and I want to participate in more of them.

I'm not very good at the economy side of CS:GO so I wanted to get better.

I've been wanting to learn Elm for a while now and I thought this was as good a time as any.

okay but seriously why did you call it that

It's a reference to this tutorial thing.

Build Process

For a simple build, just run elm-make src/Main.elm --output dist/app.js and open dist/index.html.

For the whole shebang:

npm install -g inliner
elm-make --yes src/Main.elm --output dist/app.js
mkdir out
inliner dist/index.html > out/index.html


  • Players have proper inventory (UI: πŸ™‚)
  • Players are on teams (UI: πŸ™‚)
  • Buy things with the actual CS:GO buy menu (UI: πŸ™‚)
    • Deemphasize submenu if nothing inside is affordable
  • Buy things for each player (UI: 😐, make it easier to see that you can select players)
  • Make enemies buy things too
  • Make players drop weapons (UI: ☹️, make ground not be ugly)
  • Simulate rounds of game (UI: πŸ™‚)
    • In each matchup, players shoot at each other as fast as their most primary weapons will allow
    • Players have 50% chance to miss every shot they take
    • This happens anywhere from 3 to 20 times per round but skips if one player is dead
    • Game ends after 15 rounds, so it simulates one half of a full CS:GO match
    • The team with more players alive at the end wins; ties go to CTs
    • You can see who won which round, and you get more money if you're on a losing streak (UI: πŸ™‚)
    • See who killed who with what last round (UI: πŸ™‚ with images and colors blatantly stolen from
  • There's a tutorial


  • Simulate rounds of game
    • Plant and defuse the bomb
    • Shots hit head/body/legs
    • Grenades aren't useless
  • Appease the gods of line length and dead code


CS:GO's ingame economy system extracted into its own game for @eevee's GAMES MADE QUICK???







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