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The Quest for Unicode Math Fonts

Currently using Symbola by George Douros free for any use, implements everything I’ve tested for, and even the .eot works.

Fonts tried and failed:

  1. Quivira also implements everything, but I couldn’t convert it to .eot for MSIE.

Fonts to check out:

  1. Official AMS-backed STIX fonts project (see also)
    1. Using STIX fonts with @font-face
  2. Mozilla MathML STIX official fonts? Seems to have a lot of info, including links to Asana and a download link for the STIX beta fonts
  3. Huge list of what appear to be promising fonts
    A quick search for ‘unicode’ turned up:
    1. Asana Math “Free math symbol Opentype font…with all of the Unicode math symbols” (see also)
    2. Phil Chastney “…the number of mathematical symbols is staggering.”
    3. BaKoMa “TrueType (Unicode supported)”
    4. jGaramond “Unicode versions of Garamond…called jGaramond, covers…Mathematical Operators, …Arrows, Number Forms, … Greek, Greek Extended.” Looks old, though
  4. Cambria Math looks promising, but costs $35
  5. MathTime looks amazing but costs like $100+ and might not be available in Unicode
  6. math fonts on

Also, cufon is a library that renders fonts with <canvas> and VML, looks pretty cool, apparently uses RaphaelJS, should try it out.

Online Font Convert converts to/from many more font formats than others.