Notify Nagios hosts and Nagios services problems by sms
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To notify Nagios hosts and services with problems by sms with OVH SMS API

Change to use user instead of nichandle

== Install ==

cd /usr/local/
git clone
chown -R nagios:nagios nagios_notify_sms_ovh
chmod u+x nagios_notify_sms_ovh/nagios_notify_sms_ovh.rb

== Summary ==

Small utility to send Nagios alerts on a mobile phone using OVH SMS API

== Files ==

  • nagios_notify_sms_ovh.rb => sends SMS

== Sample nagios config ==

define command {
command_name notify-host-by-sms
command_line /usr/bin/ruby /usr/local/nagios_notify_sms_ovh/nagios_notify_sms_ovh.rb -c >/usr/local/nagios_notify_sms_ovh/conf.yml -m host -h $HOSTALIAS$ -d "$LONGDATETIME$" -t $NOTIFICATIONTYPE$ -a $HOSTSTATE$ -e '' -n "$CONTACTPAGER$"

define command {
command_name notify-service-by-sms
command_line /usr/bin/ruby /usr/local/nagios_notify_sms_ovh/nagios_notify_sms_ovh.rb -c /usr/local/nagios_notify_sms_ovh/conf.yml -m service -s "$SERVICEDESC$" -h $HOSTALIAS$ -d "$LONGDATETIME$" -t $NOTIFICATIONTYPE$ -a $HOSTSTATE$ -e '$SERVICEOUTPUT$' -n $CONTACTPAGER$