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# schematic module
from utils import height
import os
from pymclevel import mclevel
class Schematic(object):
Schematics are associated with landcover types. When the
landcover type comes up, the relevant portion of the schematic is
Schematics should be designed to mesh well together. The sample schematics all
come from a specific pattern so streets and sidewalks go well together, but do
not be limited by this example!
# dict
# key: landcover value
# value: schematic object
schems = dict()
def __init__(self, tag=None, layout=None, offset=1):
# handles:
# - file-based (tag=foo, layout=None)
# - layout-based (tag=None, layout=[[[(1, 'Stone')]]])
if tag is None and layout is None:
raise AttributeError('tag or layout must be specified')
if layout is None:
filename = 'schematics/%s.schematic' % tag
if not os.path.exists(filename):
raise IOError('no file found')
schem = mclevel.fromFile(filename)
self.layout = [[Schematic.compressrow([(1, (int(schem.Blocks[elemX, elemZ, elemY]), int(schem.Data[elemX, elemZ, elemY]))) for elemY in xrange(schem.Height)]) for elemZ in xrange(schem.Length)] for elemX in xrange(schem.Width)]
self.layout = layout
self.offset = offset
self.width = len(self.layout)
self.length = len(self.layout[0])
self.height = height(self.layout[0][0])
def compressrow(yrow):
"""Compresses duplicate values in rows."""
retval = []
for elem in yrow:
if retval and retval[-1][1] == elem[1]:
retval[-1] = ((retval[-1][0] + elem[0]), elem[1])
return retval
def check(self, verbose=False):
if not all([len(row) == self.length for row in self.layout]):
raise AttributeError('not all rows are the same width')
if not all([height(col) == self.height for row in self.layout for col in row]):
raise AttributeError('not all cols are the same height')
if verbose:
print "schematic has dimensions %dX x %dY x %dZ" % (self.length, self.height, self.width)
def use(key, name, nameoffset, layout, offset):
def decorator(target):
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
# major assumption:
# args are (x, y, z, crustval, bathyval, doSchematics)
x = args[0]
y = args[1]
z = args[2]
crustval = args[3]
bathyval = args[4]
doSchematics = args[5]
except KeyError:
if doSchematics:
newschem = Schematic(tag=name, offset=nameoffset)
except IOError:
newschem = Schematic(layout=layout, offset=offset)
newschem = Schematic(layout=layout, offset=offset)
Schematic.schems[key] = newschem
schem = Schematic.schems[key]
return (y + schem.height - schem.offset, [(crustval, 'Dirt')] + schem.layout[x % schem.length][z % schem.width], None)
return wrapper
return decorator
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