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#!/usr/bin/env python
# tile class
from __future__ import division
import yaml
from region import Region
import os
from itertools import product
from utils import cleanmkdir, setspawnandsave
from osgeo import gdal
from osgeo.gdalconst import GA_ReadOnly
from pymclevel import mclevel, box
from terrain import Terrain
from tree import Tree, treeObjs
from ore import Ore
class Tile(object):
"""Tiles are the base render object. or something."""
def __init__(self, region, tilex, tiley):
"""Create a tile based on the region and the tile's coordinates."""
# NB: smart people check that files have been gotten.
# today we assume that's already been done.
# snag stuff from the region first =
self.size = region.tilesize
self.mapfile = region.mapfile
self.tilex = int(tilex)
self.tiley = int(tiley)
self.tiles = region.tiles
self.doOre = region.doOre
self.doSchematics = region.doSchematics
if (self.tilex < self.tiles['xmin']) or (self.tilex >= self.tiles['xmax']):
raise AttributeError('tilex (%d) must be between %d and %d' % (self.tilex, self.tiles['xmin'], self.tiles['xmax']))
if (self.tiley < self.tiles['ymin']) or (self.tiley >= self.tiles['ymax']):
raise AttributeError('tiley (%d) must be between %d and %d' % (self.tiley, self.tiles['ymin'], self.tiles['ymax']))
# create the tile directory if necessary
self.tiledir = os.path.join(region.regiondir, 'Tiles', '%dx%d' % (self.tilex, self.tiley))
def __call__(self):
"""Actually build the Minecraft world that corresponds to a tile."""
# calculate offsets
ox = (self.tilex-self.tiles['xmin'])*self.size
oy = (self.tiley-self.tiles['ymin'])*self.size
sx = self.size
sy = self.size
# load arrays from map file
mapds = gdal.Open(self.mapfile, GA_ReadOnly)
lcarray = mapds.GetRasterBand(Region.rasters['landcover']).ReadAsArray(ox, oy, sx, sy)
elarray = mapds.GetRasterBand(Region.rasters['elevation']).ReadAsArray(ox, oy, sx, sy)
bathyarray = mapds.GetRasterBand(Region.rasters['bathy']).ReadAsArray(ox, oy, sx, sy)
crustarray = mapds.GetRasterBand(Region.rasters['crust']).ReadAsArray(ox, oy, sx, sy)
# calculate Minecraft corners
self.mcoffsetx = self.tilex * self.size
self.mcoffsetz = self.tiley * self.size
# build a Minecraft world via pymclevel from blocks and data = mclevel.MCInfdevOldLevel(self.tiledir, create=True)
tilebox = box.BoundingBox((self.mcoffsetx, 0, self.mcoffsetz), (self.size,, self.size))
# do the terrain thing (no trees, ore or building)
self.peak = [0, 0, 0]
treeobjs = dict([(, tree) for tree in treeObjs])
self.trees = dict([(name, list()) for name in treeobjs])
for myx, myz in product(xrange(self.size), xrange(self.size)):
mcx = int(self.mcoffsetx+myx)
mcz = int(self.mcoffsetz+myz)
mcy = int(elarray[myz, myx])
lcval = int(lcarray[myz, myx])
bathyval = int(bathyarray[myz, myx])
crustval = int(crustarray[myz, myx])
if mcy > self.peak[1]:
self.peak = [mcx, mcy, mcz]
(blocks, datas, tree) =, mcy, mcz, lcval, crustval, bathyval, self.doSchematics)
[, y, mcz, block) for (y, block) in blocks if block != 0]
[, y, mcz, data) for (y, data) in datas if data != 0]
# if trees are placed, elevation cannot be changed
if tree:
Tree.placetreeintile(self, tree, mcx, mcy, mcz)
# now that terrain and trees are done, place ore
if self.doOre:
# stick the player and the spawn at the peak
setspawnandsave(, self.peak)
# write Tile.yaml with relevant data (peak at least)
# NB: world is not dump-friendly. :-)
stream = file(os.path.join(self.tiledir, 'Tile.yaml'), 'w')
yaml.dump(self, stream)
# return peak
return self.peak