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# utils module
import os
import fnmatch
import shutil
from memoize import memoize
from pymclevel.materials import alphaMaterials
import numpy as np
from math import log
def cleanmkdir(dir):
"""Cleans out existing directory and rebuilds."""
if os.path.isdir(dir):
if not os.path.exists(dir):
raise IOError('%s already exists' % dir)
return dir
def setspawnandsave(world, point):
"""Sets the spawn point and player point in the world and saves the world."""
spawn = point
spawn[1] += 2
sizeOnDisk = 0
# NB: numchunks is calculable = (region.tilesize/chunkWidth)*(region.tilesize/chunkWidth)
numchunks = 0
for i, cPos in enumerate(world.allChunks, 1):
ch = world.getChunk(*cPos)
numchunks += 1
sizeOnDisk += ch.compressedSize()
world.SizeOnDisk = sizeOnDisk
def materialNamed(string):
"Returns block ID for block with name given in string."
return [v.ID for v in alphaMaterials.allBlocks if == string][0]
def names(blockID):
"Returns block name for given block ID."
return alphaMaterials.names[blockID][0]
def height(column):
"""Calculate the height of the column."""
# NB: confirm that the column matches expectation
if isinstance(column[0], tuple):
pairs = column
print "oops, missed one!"
pairs = zip(column[::2], column[1::2])
retval = sum([pair[0] for pair in pairs])
return retval
def locate(pattern, root=os.curdir):
'''Locate all files matching supplied filename pattern in and below supplied root directory.'''
for path, dirs, files in os.walk(os.path.abspath(root)):
for filename in fnmatch.filter(files, pattern):
yield os.path.join(path, filename)
def chunks(data, chunksize=100):
"""Overly-simple chunker..."""
intervals = range(0, data.size, chunksize) + [None]
for start, stop in zip(intervals[:-1], intervals[1:]):
yield np.array(data[start:stop])
def build_tree(coords):
"""Build left-balanced KD tree from coordinates."""
# initialize tree and stack
tree = np.empty(len(coords)+1, dtype=np.uint32)
tree[0] = 0
stack = []
# seed stack
initial_indices = np.array([x for x in xrange(coords.shape[0])])
initial_axis = 0
initial_location = 1
stack.append((initial_indices, initial_axis, initial_location))
# work through stack
while (len(stack) > 0):
(indices, axis, location) = stack.pop()
# if location is out of bounds, freak out
if (location < 1 or location > len(tree)):
raise IndexError('bad location: %d' % location)
# if only one index, we are a leaf
if (len(indices) == 1):
tree[location] = indices[0]
# generate sorted index of array
splitarr = np.hsplit(coords[indices], 2)
newindices = np.lexsort((splitarr[1-axis].ravel(), splitarr[axis].ravel()))
# now calculate n, m, and r
n = len(newindices)
m = int(2**(int(log(n, 2))))
r = n-(m-1)
# median?
if (r <= (m/2)):
median = (m-2)/2+r+1
median = (m-2)/2+m/2+1
tree[location] = indices[newindices[median-1]]
if (median > 0):
stack.append((indices[newindices[:median-1]], 1-axis, location*2))
if (median < len(indices)):
stack.append((indices[newindices[median:]], 1-axis, location*2+1))
# return the tree
return tree