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In this directory, there are 4 files

1. LC3bAssembler
2. LC3bIDE
3. LC3bSimulator
4. load_memory.sh
5. rereference.sh

Assembles an .asm file containing LC3b assembly code into one of many formats
(in this class, we will only compile into a .obj object file). 

The syntax for this program is:

    ./LC3bAssembler -b test.asm 

test.asm should be the path of an assembly file of LC3b code. This will create
an object file with suffix .obj

For additional help, run:

    ./LC3bAssembler -h

A graphical simulating environment for LC3b assembly code.

The syntax for this program is:


1. Select Project, then Open File and navigate to the .asm file you wish
   to simulate.
2. In the AshIDE - AshOS_LC3b window, make sure your .asm file is selected
   under LC3b Source Files.
3. In the Project Settings box, uncheck "Use Ash Operating System",
   "Support Old LC3 Syntax"
4. In the File Settings box, select Language as "LC3b",
   Source Type as "LC3b Source", then click Assemble. Most assembly warnings
   may be ignored, such as "Program origin not specified".
5. In the window that opened which is named after your .asm file, select
   Go One Instruction from the Simulate menu (or press F6). This will
   advance your program through the first instruction and open a
   Simulator window.
6. In the Simulator window, select Registers from the View menu. This will
   allow you to view the register values as you step through your
   LC3b program. You may also choose to view things such as your Memory.

NOTE: LC3bIDE has R6 initialized to E000 when you begin your program. Don't
      use R6 unless you initialize it to a proper value. This probably can be
      fixed by some setting of AshIDE but I haven't track that down yet.

A command-line simulator for LC3b assembly code.

The syntax for this program is:

    ./LC3bSimulator test.asm

test.asm is the path of an LC3b assembly file

For additional usage instructions, type `help` at the LC3bSimulator prompt.

A script to assist loading LC3b programs into memory by creating a memory
initialization file from assembly code.

The syntax for this program is:

    ./load_memory.sh test.asm [memory-file]

The `memory-file` argument is optional and defaults to the target provided
at the top of the script. The script can be modified to change the default
target, among other settings.

To load memories that are not byte addressable, set the addressability (in
number of bytes) by modifying the settings at the top of the script.

Rename a project by changing both file names and file contents. The main
purpose of the script is to aid in creating copies of projects, e.g.,
copying mp0 as a starting point for mp1.

The syntax for this program is:

    cd <directory>
    ./path/to/rereference.sh . <orig> <new>

This script renames any files in <directory> with <orig> in its name to
contain <new> instead. It also changes any reference to <orig> in files to
reference <new> instead.

This is a simple text replacement script and will not handle any complex
cases, so use with caution.