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Stand up a MATLAB desktop with Remote Desktop access using Azure Deployment
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MATLAB on Microsoft Azure


Before starting, you will need the following:


You are responsible for the cost of the Azure services used when you create cloud resources using this guide. Resource settings, such as instance type, will affect the cost of deployment. For cost estimates, see the pricing pages for each Azure service you will be using. Prices are subject to change.


The following guide will help you automate the process of running the MATLAB desktop on Microsoft Azure and connect to it using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The automation is accomplished using an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template. The template is a JSON file that defines the resources needed to run MATLAB on Azure. For information about the architecture of this solution, see Architecture and Resources.

Choose a Deployment Option

Architecture and Resources

Deploying this reference architecture will create several resources in your resource group.

MATLAB on AWS Reference Architecture

Deploying this reference architecture sets up a single Azure virtual machine running Linux and MATLAB, a network interface with a public IP address to connect to the virtual machine, a network security group that controls network traffic, and a virtual network for communication between resources.

A preconfigured Ubuntu 16.04 VM is provided to make deployment easy. The VM image contains the following software:

  • MATLAB, Simulink, Toolboxes, and support for GPUs.

    To see a list of installed products, type ver at the MATLAB command prompt.

  • Add-Ons: Neural Network Toolbox Model for AlexNet Network, Neural Network Toolbox Model for GoogLeNet Network, and Neural Network Toolbox(TM) Model for ResNet-50 Network


Resource Name Resource Name in Azure Number of Resources Description
Virtual Machine matlab-vm 1 The virtual machine instance with pre-installed desktop MATLAB.
Network interface matlab-nic 1 Enables the virtual machine to communicate with internet, Azure, and on-premises resources.
Public IP address matlab-publicIP 1 Public IP address to connect to the virtual machine running MATLAB.
Network security group matlab-rdp-nsg 1 Allows or denies traffic to and from sources and destinations.
Virtual network matlab-vnet 1 Enables resources to communicate with each other.
Disk matlab-vm-disk-<unique id> 1 The disk attached to the VM.
Image matlab-base-image 1 The original image used to create the VM.

Enhancement Request

Provide suggestions for additional features or capabilities using the following link:

Technical Support


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