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Overview of changes in xfce4-soundmenu-plugin v0.7.0
Port to libmpris2client (Developed here, and then moved in its own repository)
* Add LoopStatus and Shuffle support.
And another button to control pulseaudio volume. (Depend on gnome-volume-control git submodule)
Move to Xfce 4.10 or higher. (If it affects someone write me!.)
Bug fixed:
* D'Oh!. Unlove instead love tacks.
* D'Oh!. g_thread_unref need glib 2.32 and is useless. ;)
* Fix seg faul that never reported!. Nobody uses this!??? :S
* Fix tooltip encoding when the song no has title.
Port to GDbus.. This allowed much of the next:
Detects if the player is running or not. (The player need has enabled mpris2).
* Add option to hide controls when not available.
* Launch player double clicking on the plugin icon. (If it fails, open preferences.)
Can control the volume of player with mouse whell over albumart.
Now xfce4-soundmenu-plugin have their API key of lastfm. =) =) ;)
Stop building static archive by default using new xfce4-dev-tools. See issue #1
Better HIG to preferences.
Update album art when metadata chage.
Insensitive lastfm option when not init lastfm.
Backport a lot of changes from Pragha.
* Fix get arstist bio with glyr v1.0.0
* Minimize memory duplication
* Use lang autodetection to get artist bio.
* Add SoundmenuAlbumArt Gobject.
* Remove gdk_threads.. gdk_locks... etc.
* Better detect of lastfm init fails.
* Use glib to detect if network is available when glib > 2.32
* In general better code.
Support to Xfce 4.10 thanks to Andrzej.
Add option to show a tiny album art, or use all panel size in deskbar mode.
Show contect menu on RMB click on album_art icon thanks to Andrzej.
Set invisible event box to album art.
Now is compiled as a module as recommended in the documentation.
[PATCH] Use Xfce 4.8 locations for plugin and desktop file.
[PATCH 2/3] Update FSFE address.
[PATCH 3/3] Fix author name.
PATCHS thanks to Christoph Wickert.
Fix compile with libnotify <= 0.7
Fix transparency issue when no show the cover art.
Test some NULL string before use it.
Change plugin website to github.
Clean changelog. Update it whit make dist.
Update es.po and pot file.
NOTE: Lastfm scrobble now depend on libclastfm >= 0.5
You can show the cover art on the panel if it is informed by the player.
Open the image when double click on panel image.
Nos has a true xfce4-soundmenu-plugin icon.
Check status of network manager when init the plugin. If is online, init lastfm, otherwise wait 30 seconds.
Now depend of libnotify to show errors of glyr (And much more later.) when is available.
Change/add/remove some functions to remove duplicate code. So, much better code, and no freeze never more the plugin when search info.
When just add the plugin detect current player with dbus.
Avoid use of posix pthread.. Use more gdk_threads..
Fix double-free every time that logout.
Fix compile without libclastfm.
Registrer multimedia keys when keybinder is abiable.
Lastfm support when libclasfm is abiable. Scroble, love, unlove and get artist info.
Search Lyrics and Artist information dialog when libglyr is abiable. Soon, search more information related to the current song.
Parse and show volume on tooltips.
Set tooltips dynamically.
Get Volume, Metadata and Volume on-demand.
So.. get all when you add the plugin or set another player.
Parse metadata info.
Show basic metadata in a tooltip on the control buttons.
Now YESS!-) is a generic MPRIS 2 control pluging.
Now is a generic MPRIS 2 control pluging.
Add show stop button option in preferences.
A very basic xfce4-panel plugin to control pragha.
Based on last xfce4-sample-plugin (
and written with the excuse to learn dbus thank to :)
For now it is just an experiment, but it works. :)