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Django Contact Form

Installation from Source

$ git clone
$ cd django-contact-form
$ python install

Installation via PIP Requirements File

Include in the PIP requirements file the following line:


And then install as normal (IE:)

$ pip install -r path/to/requirements/file.txt

Setup the Project For the Application

Add to the project's file tuple of installed apps:


In the project's file add:

url(r'^contact/', include('django_contact_form.urls')),

Setup the Recipients of the Contact Form

Form submissions will go to either a list of recipients defined in a custom tuple called CONTACT_FORM_RECIPIENTS or, if that can't be found in the settings file, the list of MANAGERS. The format for CONTACT_FORM_RECIPIENTS should follow the format for MANAGERS and should look something like:

    ('Barack Obama', ''),

Configure Email Settings for Sending

In the project's file configure the following:


Configure the Templates

By default the templates contain only the bare necessities. To override the default templates, create a directory called contact in your templates directory and add 2 files: contact_form.html and thanks.html. If you're using virtualenv, to copy the templates from the project in order to make adjustments to them, cd to the root of the django project and execute the following command:

cp -r ../src/django-contact-form/django_contact_form/templates/contact templates/contact