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Tweetbot custom media endpoint for uploads to S3 (also for Monosnap)
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Tweetbot custom media endpoint for uploads to S3, written in Go. Heavily influenced by s3itch.




See the Environment Variables section below for help with the configuration options.

Manual procedure

Configure the buildpack

If you're creating a new heroku app, set the buildpack on creation:

heroku create -b --region=eu

For an existing Heroku app, set the BUILDPACK_URL:

heroku config:set BUILDPACK_URL=

Set environment variables

GoMedia uses environment variables for configuration (see all available options below).

Before pushing to Heroku, you should at the very least set the required options, e.g.

heroku config:set AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="" AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=""  \
AWS_REGION="eu-west-1" BUCKET_NAME="mybucket"

It is highly recommended that you also set a username and password (for the obvious reasons).

Push to Heroku

git push heroku master

Environment Variables / Configuration

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID — (required) self-explanatory
  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY — (required) self-explanatory
  • AWS_REGION — (optional) the AWS region. Defaults to us-east-1
  • BUCKET_NAME — (required) the name of your S3 bucket
  • BASE_URL — (optional) the base URL for generated URLs (no trailing slash)
    • Defaults to the bucket url (e.g.
    • If you're using a custom CNAME (or a CDN) set it to the hostname (beginning with http or https)
  • HTTP_PASSWORD — (recommended) protect the upload endpoints with basic auth
  • HTTP_USER — (recommended) protect the upload endpoints with basic auth
  • AIRBRAKE_API_KEY — (optional) set this to your Airbrake API key if you want airbrake support
  • AIRBRAKE_ENDPOINT — (optional) configure this if you use Errbit (or some other custom endpoint)
    • e.g.
  • AIRBRAKE_ENVIRONMENT — (optional) set the environment for Airbrake, defaults to development

Use with Tweetbot

GoMedia works as a Custom Media Upload endpoint for Tweetbot (both iOS and OS X).

All you need to do is set the custom endpoint URL to:

Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your own credentials and MYAPPNAME with your Heroku app name…

Tweetbot for Mac configuration

Tweetbot for iOS configuration

Use with Monosnap

For monosnap you need to configure a WebDAV endpoint with the app URL and credentials. Do not set the port!

GoMedia Monosnap configuration

You need to configure the Base URL in Monosnap regardless of whether you're using a custom base URL or not.


With Monosnap it is recommended to add %R to the filename template because the filename cannot be altered server side (thus there's a small chance that the filename will conflict with an existing file in the bucket).

Advanced Monosnap configuration

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