A Money.gem compatible currency exchange rate implementation for Nordea Bank


The Nordea Gem

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Exchange rates from Nordea Bank.


Just like any other gem:

gem install nordea


With the Money gem

The Money gem integration works in a similar way to the eu_central_bank library, mostly because I referenced that gem while building this one. A couple of the methods in the Nordea::Bank class are pretty much identical to those in the eu_central_bank gem.

nordea_bank = Nordea::Bank.new
Money.default_bank =  nordea_bank

# Exchange 100 EUR to USD
nordea_bank.exchange(100, "EUR", "USD")

# Exchange 100 USD to South African rands

# Exchange 100 Canadian dollars to US dollars
nordea_bank.exchange_with(Money.new(100, "CAD"), "USD")

# Update the forex rates

Without the Money gem

exchange_rates = Nordea::ExchangeRates.new

  #=> returns a hash of currencies

  #=> returns a hash of currencies, but forces a data update

  #=> returns a hash of the data headers from Nordea

For more information, read the documentation.

Ruby compatibility

The gem should work with Ruby 1.9.3, Ruby 2.0.0, jRuby, and Rubinius (only Ruby 1.9 is actively targetted).

About the data and data source

Nordea quotes exchange rates on national banking days at least three times a day:

  • in the morning at 8.00,
  • at noon at 12.15 and
  • in the afternoon at 16.15 (approximate times).

Useful links:


  • This is not an official gem from Nordea.
  • I have no affiliation to any entity connected to Nordea Bank.
  • I do not have any control over the exchange rate data provided, and you use this gem entirely at your own risk.


MIT License. Copyright 2011-2013 Matias Korhonen.

See the LICENSE file for more details.