extract metadata and provisioning information about an .ipa file
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extract metadata and provisioning information about an .ipa file

Inspired by the ipa info in shenzhen, but I wanted more general metadata information about the .ipa. I created a quick Bash script, but thought I could do a better job with a small NodeJS module.

The CLI is very useful for quickly checking the entitlements of an .ipa file (--verify), and two types will be returned from the module:

See "Checking the Entitlements of an .ipa file" for more information

Note: the severe lack of naming convention in the properties, I'm preserving their original naming - see #7.

Note: the parsing of entitlements only works on OS X because of codesign, provisioning profiles will still be parsed correctly.


$ npm install --save ipa-metadata


var ipaMetadata = require('ipa-metadata');

ipaMetadata('Facebook.ipa', function(error, data){

  // { metadata:
  //    { CFBundleName: 'Facebook',
  //      ... },
  //   provisioning:
  //    { TeamName: 'Facebook Inc.',
  //      ... } },
  //   entitlements:
  //    { application-identifier: '1234abcd.com.facebook.facebook.',
  //      ... } }


$ npm install --global ipa-metadata
$ ipa --help

    ipa Facebook.ipa

    ipa Facebook.ipa --verbose

    ipa Facebook.ipa --verify
    (verifies entitlements between `.app` bundle and `embedded.mobileprovision`)



MIT © Matias Singers