An Open Documentation Library for the 10Centuries v4 System
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10Centuries v4 Documentation

This is a public repository containing the API and Web Interface documentation for Version 4 of the 10Centuries publishing platform. The upcoming Version 5 docs will be in a different repository. Everyone is free to contribute, fork, distribute, and comment on these documents as they choose.


This documentation is written in Simple Markdown formatting for the sake of simplicity and portability. The goal of this project is to have an always-accurate, up-to-date location for every public feature and function available in 10Centuries. The contents of this repository will also be found in HTML format at in the future as the documentation becomes more complete.


In order to keep this documentation consistent, I'd like to make the following requests:

  • API endpoint documentation should be 1 file per endpoint (info for /invites should be in /api/en/
  • Images for documentation should be in .jpg or .png format and stored in /img using the name of the endpoint or page, the feature, and a number such as: /img/profile_menu_1.jpg

Wrap Up

Want to contribute? Thank you! Just grab a copy of the repository and start making pull requests.

Have questions, comments, concerns, recommendations, or other feedback? Get in touch with me (@matigo) at 10C Social or via GitHub.